Sunday, October 20, 2013

Shopping like a normal person, not a crazy pyrex addict...

I don't think it's any question that I have an addictive personality. When I like something, I like it a lot. There are like five movies in life that I just want to watch over and over. I never tire of painting my nails. Discover a new author? I'm going to read everything they wrote in a month. New song? I will listen repeatedly. Let's not even start on the shoes.

The new pyrex obsession is something that actually has been in the works for years, but just now came to full fruition. It didn't really register that it was something I could have. I just assumed it was expensive and I didn't realize it was usable.

Randomly searching through instagram about a month ago, I discovered that vintage pyrex is totally usable, durable and obviously adorable. People sell and trade it and it's relatively inexpensive. During my first go at the thrift store, I saw a girl with a cute pyrex dish marked for $3. I cursed her in my head for arriving before me and dashed to antique store I occasionally peruse before she could beat me there too. It seemed this was a competitive sport.

Unfortunately, said store is aware of pyrex's current popularity. Most of it was more expensive than what I learned through my research I should be paying. Still, I didn't leave without starting my collection.

Since then I've checked the thrift store several more times, but only the same few pieces I wasn't in love with remained on the shelves. Back to my addictive personality, I promised myself I would only purchase what liked and knew I would use. Mixing bowls, and two divided casserole dishes are at the top of my wish list.

This morning, I decided to check the thrift store again. More of the same, more of the same, and what's this?... A divided casserole in perfect condition for $7. It wasn't a pattern I loved. I contemplated it for a moment as my gaze drifted further down the shelfs. Hark! I spied a blue, Cinderella mixing bowl, with several random things on top of it.  My heart skipped a beat. A large-ish woman stood directly in front of it. She was looking at the shelf above. That woman stood between me and that bowl. She immediately became my arch enemy. My eyes narrowed. Must. Get. To. Bowl. I nonchalantly made my way trying not to look too eager, and reached my hand casually in front of the lady just as she reached her hand towards my bowl. We bumped hands as she swerved left towards me.  Praise the lord she was reaching for a cheese tray! With a huge sigh of relief I politely suggested we switch places which she thought was a great idea.

"Girrrrl, I love this place. I got no shame!" she bellowed.

"I know that's right," I chimed in, my eyes bugging out of my face discovering as I moved the random things off my bowl that I had actually found a three piece set for $15. Mint condition. No signs of dishwashing. Minimal gray marks. No chipping. (What? I said I'd done a little research.) AND, they are adorable.

By this time, I had a huge grin on my face and a new friend. She was no enemy! We laughed and discussed how we cleaned our purchases before use.

A shadow fell upon me. By this time,  I had one hand on MY bowls while I inspected a different piece with the other. Sensing danger, I secured my treasures with both hands.

"That's great stuff there," said a tall man in his 50's. His eyes were shifty and he was sizing me and my bowls up. "My son loves it. He keeps trying to steal my Mom's."

I held tight to my bowls*,  realizing just how close I had been to being too late. I exchanged niceties nonetheless, before scurrying away to the register.

Hubs is aware of my new hobby. I was afraid he would make fun of me but I was smiling ear to ear as I described to him what went down with wild elaborate hand gestures and body movements before I unveiled my find. I thought he was being sarcastic when he stated this was great because we needed mixing bowls. I didn't know we needed more mixing bowls. I admitted that I had planned to donate Bru's dogs bowls and replace them with what I thought were our current mixing bowls.

"But then we won't have enough bowls again wife," he stated.

"We won't?... Huh. What should we do then hubs?" I asked with a sly smile.

*resists urge to make Dorothy in her Ruby slippers comparison...oh wait, I just did? Do'h!!


Kristen said...

Sooooo....I admit when I saw the picture with you saying it was a "Cinderella" mixing bowl, I thought you were saying that because its blue, and kind of looks like Cinderella's dress.

I was so impressed that there would be actual Pyrex bowls modeled after Cinderella that I googled. And quickly learned the error of my thoughts. hehe.

Lady Stardust said...

aaaghhhh! LOL! I can totally relate! And it reminds of when another girl my exact size almost got ahold of the brand new jean jacket that I was after for like $4, with the tags still on it, at a thrift store last fall, lol! MINE :) Anyway, yes, the pyrex, so charming and seductive, I know that my collection is going to start soon, but I also know it will be very hard to keep it under control once i begin.

Sara said...

What a great post! I loved it!

I have a couple of Pyrex bowls myself, but they are definitely not as pretty as those bowls you got! It makes me want to go antiquing!!!