Sunday, August 25, 2013

Business Trips, Scary Movies and Sensitive Dogs

Hubs and I are still living like a real married couple who eats dinner every night and has weekends together. We even naturally fell into an unspoken routine where we take turns cooking dinner every other night. (Now if I could just get him to put ALL the trash cans and ALL the recycling out at the same time.)

All was going well when his first business trip was scheduled. Part of me was excited to have two days of SSB and the house to remain as I left it each day. The other part of me screamed, "I didn't sign up to be a single (dog) mom," and "but I don't wanna sleep alone." Plus, I've always been the one to get to go on "fancy" business trips.

The first night I went to Trader Joe's and bought the potato chips Nat had not been interested in trying along with a few other not so healthy options. I then proceeded to explain and rationalize my purchases to the unsuspecting cashier who surely was not judging me anyway. "There's no point in cooking for one," she agreed. "Now I always eat half of these cookies raw and bake the other half," she offered in regard to my "break and bake" chocolate chip cookies. I nodded very seriously that I understood.

Back at home, I took Bru on a walk then jetted out for my 3 mile run where I finally made my goal time. I collapsed all sweaty-like on the living room floor upon my return as I didn't need to hide my red face. I felt extra guilty eating my chips, pre-made dip and salad (not SO bad) while Bru ate his Bravo raw turkey meal with kale. You see, Brubeck's chronic ear infections and red itchy belly have gotten increasingly worse over time and we recently made the switch to raw food. More on that later, but he is doing SO MUCH better on this diet!

Shower time was when I started to remember all the scary movies Nat and I have watched over the years. Was this house built over ancient Indian burial grounds? I thought about when Liv Tyler went to get her phone in "The Strangers" and it was gone from the charger. O.M.G! We actually had to stop the movie shortly after that because my heart was pounding so hard. To be safe, I perilously placed my beloved phone on the side of the bathtub and looked at it every few seconds just to make sure. If an intruder came in, I was at least going to have my phone. (So I could request they let me make a quick call before they chopped me up...?) Really, they probably were not going to invade though, because I left a LIGHT on downstairs.

Bru and I made it through the night and in the morning I had to get up early and take him on a walk because normally Nat does that. How do single Mom's to actual babies get themselves ready AND their children? I don't even know because I was almost late to work from stirring Bru's raw meat and kale medley and I didn't even have to dress him or take him to daycare. That night, I didn't have any shower terrors, but Bru was unsettled and prowling all night.

Nat finally arrived back we had sushi delivered and I told him we could never watch another scary movie again if he thought he was ever going on another trip. (Actually, we were really fine, but I did miss him and I was really happy to have my hubs back.)

Now, in regard to Brubeck. His ear infections have been attributed to an overgrowth of yeast. After a little research, we decided to try the raw diet. In the wild dog they didn't carbs the way they do now from normal dry dog food. Carbs turn to sugar which leads to over growth of yeast. Simply put, the raw diet is much closer to what they eat in the wild, but this food has been tested for bacteria. (You can't just go buy ground beef and give it to them- it is assumed that is going to be cooked.) I'm no expert by any means, but it's been three weeks and his belly is no longer inflamed, his ears no longer need to be cleaned every day, and he's not shaking his head nonstop. Bonus, his coat is softer and he has more energy.

Now, for a quick all natural EASY recipe. I found this on pinterest and modified it a bit. It's a great breakfast, snack or desert. I read that almonds are OK in small doses for dogs, (it may upset their stomach) so I feel its OK to share a few bites with your pup.

Banana Cookies

2-3 brown bananas
2-3 tablespoons of peanut butter
1 egg
2 cups of almond flour (Trader Joes, it's just grated almonds instead of flour)

Mix, scoop, bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

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Eva Gallant said...

I stopped watching scary movies years ago....too tough on my nervous system! But with that big dog to protect you, I would think that would put you at ease!