Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mia, Part II

When Nat arrived home Saturday night, we discovered Mia was a little timid around men. She sniffed him a little and let him pet her, but mostly stuck close to my side, or played with Bruby. Nat determined then, that  I was "her person." 

By morning, she was sneaking into our hearts and earning nick-names such as "The Little One," and "Meerkat Mia." See Exibit A. 
Meerkat Mia. (Within days, she would put a paw on Bru's back to stand even longer.)

Mother's Day was our first full day with Mia and I had invited my family for dinner. I had not mentioned I had taken in a foster dog and had visions of the two dogs chasing each other,  growling and jumping on the dining room table and ruining dinner, but it couldn't have gone more smoothly.  Fortunately, my parents (large dog lovers) were quickly smitten with The Little One and impressed with Bruby's quick friendship. They almost immediately suggested she had already found her forever home and we keep her as Bru's girlfriend. Mia slept underneath my chair during dinner. My Dad agreed I had become "her person." I cried at the table, again overwhelmed at her growing attachment. It just wasn't my goal to have two dogs. It wasn't the plan.

The Little One, and The Big One

Monday night, they had their first spat. Mia decided underneath the dining room table belonged to her. I'm not even sure what she did, but at one point I looked up and Bru was sitting up straight, just showing his teeth. No growl, no movement, just big, white, shiny, teeth. "Brubeck!" I exclaimed. "Put your teeth back in your mouth." He did, and dinner continued accordingly. Until that is, he walked by and she growled from underneath. All in slow motion, Bru lunged under the table, I reached and missed his collar.  Mia scrambled backwards and Bru's tale slipped between my fingers. 

"NAT!!!" I screamed.
"ARRRFFFF!" Mia squealed.
"WooofRRRR!" roared Bruby.
"STOP IT!" my mother in law added. 
"BRUBECK!" came the deep voice of my husband.  (All at the same time of course.) 

There was lots of bumping, banging and loud dog sounds under the dining room table, before Mia slipped under a chair and sprinted through the kitchen, down the hallway and onto the couch where she crouched down, tail between legs and shook. I scooped her little shaking, whimpering body up while Nat grabbed hold of Bru who was meekly venturing into the living room looking confused. Nobody was injured. I immediately felt guilty for comforting Mia, when she had clearly started the drama. My mother in law also, "Team Keep Mia," assured me it wasn't smart for Mia to have started a fight with a larger dog. This was all normal dog pack behavior and ranking had to be sorted out. 

Once Mia stopped shaking, (ok, and I stopped crying, AGAIN) I sat on the floor and assured Bru he was still a good boy. 

I was in over my head, and I knew it. 

The Little One is a tough one. "I'll get you!"

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Eva Gallant said...

Looks like you've expanded your family!