Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Maybe this time I'll be a runner, unless it's still stupid

Every few years, I decide I want to become a runner, before shortly thereafter deciding running is mindless and stupid. Unfortunately, in the last year, my near militant workout and clean eating lifestyle have deteriorated.  I walk young Brubeck a good 15 miles or so a week but that is the extent of my "work out." I also consume potato chips on the regular. (I mean, regular, regular. Everyday regular. Gasp.)

I just needed a little extra motivation to get back on track with my former figure. Yesterday, I impulse bought a pair of Nike Free Runners in the most obnoxious color I could find.  I downloaded the "Couch to 5K" app on my phone, leashed up Bruby and headed out the door.

We got through the first day. Nice and slow. You run one minute, and then walk two minutes. Repeat a few times.  My running minutes entailed dragging, encouraging and pleading with this 90 pound Great Pyrenees/Beagle mix to step up his meander to a slow trot. Let's just say, Brubeck was not impressed.

Today, we got hubs in on the action and it went a little better.  My boy would still rather stroll and sniff, but I'm hoping since the training starts out so slowly, he might ease into it...and maybe I will too.

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gretchen said...

Good luck! I did couch to 5K last spring so I could do the Color Run (which I highly recommend if it comes to a city near you). Your shoes will be perfect for it!