Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tell me whatcha want, what you really, really want...

After ten years years of strategically only working at establishments within a six mile radius of my house, and accidently switching jobs five times in just over a year, I have finally settled in with a very promising company. I've got six whole months under my belt, I'm still learning new things and my co-workers are great. Aside from the fact that sometimes I travel to Silver Spring and that stretch of the beltway can make it take forty five minutes to travel five miles, (horrors) the job is really good. If you want to know the absolute truth, I semi adore Silver Spring. It's busy, diverse and the lunch break shopping is fantastic.

Oxymoron that I am, my ultimate goal is to eventually move to either Savannah, Georgia or the Outer Banks in North Carolina. The polar opposite of snobbish downtown Silver Spring. I love that I don't have to make eye contact with anyone here, much less smile at a stranger, possibly resulting in added wrinkles earlier than necessary. (A VALID concern.) Don't get me wrong. I'm nice, I'm just not "southern, stop and talk to everyone in the grocery store "nice. Let's put it this way. My Victoria Beckham scowl comes naturally. I've got places to be (home) and little time for small talk.

Basically, I'm kind of still recovering from the sad state that I was in last year, but I'm evolving more than ever and the future looks good.

Hubs, strong coffee and cocktails over brunch.  A few of my favorite things

My other love and best friend. 

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Jeff said...

Just moved to Greenville, SC after living my entire life in the Northeast and MI. You are right....walk down the street and a complete stranger will ask, " How y'all doing today?" it takes some getting used to but is kind of refreshing. I have moved for my job 6 times so my moto is ...Go for it !