Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer of Sun

I've declared this the summer of sun.  That only means that I have made it my second job to make sure I put on a bathing suit every weekend this summer.  Ok, and to utilize all my non-working hours to the best of my ability. So far, I've gone to Ocean City once, and crashed several of my friends pools. Things are going swimmingly.

Last night, hubs and I ventured out for dinner and drinks with a few good friends at Red, Red Wine Bar and I realized I'm continuing to feel much more like myself again. Though, you know how everyone does the morning drink tally and recounts insane acts of the night prior? "Do you remember...," and you may or may not remember.  Now I scratch my head wondering why my stomach is so upset after a glass and a half of wine. So, this is the new "myself," and I'm OK with that.  Today I'll be sipping a cold, (non-alcoholic) beverage with some of my besties poolside and enjoying this fine day off.

To my good friend Jeremy who said of my last post, "Nothing good comes out of Ocean City trips with you....NOTHING." I'm much more subdued this days, I swear.  I *rarely get friends of other friends arrested anymore.

Here's a self portrait from a day at the pool with cheese, crackers, canned beer and great friends.

Happy 4th!

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