Sunday, July 15, 2012

Coming of Age

As a child, family functions meant running from the moment company arrived and being wired well after they left.  It was hard to find time to show and tell them everything in the limited time alloted, but surely the louder I spoke and the faster we ran, the more likely we would be to cover it all. What was up with the boring adults though? They were always quietly sitting in the fancy dining room discussing tragically boring things such as curtains while sipping weird smelling beverages. Sometimes they would get up to check on something in the kitchen before sitting back down in the same place just talking.

I spent yesterday morning kayaking with my good friend Katie. We found glassy smooth Annapolis water and watched herons fly by as we drifted along chatting and soaking in the sun. 

By the time we arrived at Nat's sisters in the late afternoon for his nieces birthday dinner, I was pretty worn out from my morning. Heat was beginning to emanate not only from the tops of my legs, pink with fresh summer burn, but also sneaky other parts where I had poorly applied sunblock. 

Nonetheless, I retreated to the cool basement with hubs where we had our choice from an impressive selection of nerf guns with an equally impressive variety of ammunition. I dived behind overturned tables to shoot at my nephew and hid behind closet doors with my niece to take cover and shoot with precision. Brubeck barked and ducked having no understanding of the loud, fast paced game. It might be fun if it weren't so scary! Velcro bullets clung to my shirt. This was hard work.

Directions on teams and elaborate explanations of gun clips, amo, and even laser sites were given when I decided to check on Bru who was now whining at the top of the stairs. The Grannies and my sister in law were sitting quite civilized in the dining room sipping pineapple margaritas. Bumps, bangs and screeches were heard from the sweaty trio down below. "Come on Bruby," I said. "This is more our scene." 

Just like that, I was calmly hanging with the ladies, Bru at my feet, sipping adult drinks, discussing window heights and never more content. 

"I'LL TAKE THE OFFICE AND YOU GUARD THE SPARE ROOM!!!!! " shouted my husband from the basement. 

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