Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No joke, another Note

This fine specimen of a Night Note is from May 11th. Katie and I were having dinner then shopping at Sephora when we decided we simply could not end the night without margaritas. We proceeded to go to a bar and order other drinks as it turns out, but the night was a happy one. The following occurred.

Katie: Level is a whole other level.

Nikki: Relaaax fish.

Katie: Thats why I keep cheating!

Ian: Whatever, you just got f@*!king nudged b!tch!

Trey: You look at the letters and you have three m's. It's like, "m," "m."

Ian: Oh, you made that for me?
Trey: Yeah...wha'd I make?

Julie: We SHOULD drive by Nat's house!!!
Chris: You know that's your house..?

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