Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer time

Saturday demanded summer time shenanigans.  I woke up at 6:30 a.m. and drove myself to Ocean City to buy cheap jewelry, eat bad Tony's pizza and mostly to hang with Katie and Newman on the beach.

We got red hot in the sun and purple cool in the water then enjoyed hamburgers and sweet potato fries with margaritas at the beach bar before diving back into the water. The only napkin night note was Newman stating that auto-correct helped him spell "kidnapping" when he text Nat that they had officially kidnapped me.

Summer is going quite well thus far.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No joke, another Note

This fine specimen of a Night Note is from May 11th. Katie and I were having dinner then shopping at Sephora when we decided we simply could not end the night without margaritas. We proceeded to go to a bar and order other drinks as it turns out, but the night was a happy one. The following occurred.

Katie: Level is a whole other level.

Nikki: Relaaax fish.

Katie: Thats why I keep cheating!

Ian: Whatever, you just got f@*!king nudged b!tch!

Trey: You look at the letters and you have three m's. It's like, "m," "m."

Ian: Oh, you made that for me?
Trey: Yeah...wha'd I make?

Julie: We SHOULD drive by Nat's house!!!
Chris: You know that's your house..?

Monday, June 11, 2012

50 Shades

Obviously, I read it. Now I'm in on the jokes and can laugh when others say, "laters, baby." It was mostly just really, really terrible, but not terrible enough to not finish reading it. Only terrible enough to not read the second two. I have closure in the first and can not deal with those Bella and Edward rip-offs further.

Which brings me to my first Night Note in ages. Husband and I had a date night with our friends Kurt and Kristi. Hubs and Kurt discussed wine and food, while Kristi and I discussed much more interesting topics such as 50 Shades of Grey, Wills and Kate and the likes. You know. Interesting stuff.


Julie & Kristi:  I was livid when he went to Savannah!!!

Kristi: Do you remember when you drank the coconut water and it tasted like c--?

Julie: I thought the King was dead?
Kristi: No! He's a Duke!!!

And there you have it. Sophisticated Night Notes....ish.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Like a child-star making her comeback...

So I kind of lost my mind for a while there which in blogland might have been made evident by lack of quality and quantity of posts. Here is a brief recap in the ultimate demise of Night Notes:

Nov 2010- Laid off of job three months before wedding. Though inconvenient timing, it was the best thing that could have happened.
Jan 2011- Start a sweet gig at a desk job doing absolutely nothing and being an absolute rock-star at it.
Feb 2011- Get married!!! Life is good.
March 2011- Honeymoon. Life is really good.
April 2011- Get Brubeck. Yay! Grandmere, (my beloved Grandmother) is getting sicker. Dark clouds.
May 2011- Lose Grandmere. Devastation.
June 2011- Sweet gig playing on the internet merges with another company and to avoid letting me go, they shuffle me to another company. Begin to hate life. Bru is the only thing that makes me smile many days.
July, August, September, October 2011- Hate life. Cry. Every. Single. Day.

In August however, I ventured into the world of acupuncture by recommendation of a friend who saw I was in need of help. Long story short, my acupuncturist opened my eyes, enlightened me and encouraged me to make a huge change. ANY change.

It came in the form of leaving the confines of my great comfort zone. The nine to five desk job. I entered the land of retail. Commission based retail. Gasp! It was fun and flexible and so mind boggling, shockingly different that I lost focus of my misery. Ok, to be perfectly honest, I might have lost my mind even a little more for a minute. I wasn't making any money, but was still working on making a career of it as I was planning to take the management course the company offered.

One painfully slow evening an old contact came into the store. She asked me to come in for an interview and as the word "No," came out of my mouth, sanity slapped me in the head and shouted, "REGULAR PAY, NORMAL HOURS YOU IDIOT!" I interviewed a few days later and was hired a few days after that. I have been back in healthcare since March and I'm feeling pretty good about what I'm doing and enjoying it at the same time.

It has been a full year since Grandmere died. I still think about her everyday and honestly still can't believe she is gone. Death is shockingly final even when you are anticipating it, but I have mellowed in my mourning. As wrong as it feels, life does go on.

Vowing to enjoy summer this year and make up for what was lost last summer, (without backtracking and turning into the hot party-crashing mess I once was,) I think it's safe to say, Night Notes will be back in a much more sophisticated and mature fashion.

Stay tuned...