Friday, January 13, 2012

Now what?

It's no secret I liken myself to a certain Carrie Bradshaw. I like shoes, martini's, over the top clothes, having the best friends in the world and writing about it all. 

Like Carrie, all those nights out in fancy shoes paid off and I secured my own Mr. Big. But... now what? We are almost upon our first anniversary and I have enjoyed married life. Thinking back to when we first started dating, it was all dinner at the table with Jenna Mammina playing in the background and healthy apples for desert. A perfect cozy night in our house now is making spaghetti and retreating to the couch together for a night of Pawn Stars and chilling with the dog. We chomp chips for desert and I rarely make it through a glass of wine before falling asleep. 
Have we lost the glamour? How important is the glamour really? While it is nice to be able lounge in pajamas and not have to reapply my make-up to see my husband, I surely do not want to turn into a slovenly, un-showered couple sitting in separate barcaloungers, with afghans on our laps, take-out strewn about, arguing over what to watch on BBC, with twenty dogs milling about because volunteering with the dog rescue has gotten out of control and we've also become animal hoarders and now our friends won't even come to visit and then....

Ok, so it will be a while before all that would happen, but I just want to be careful that it does not. 

Night Notes has been evolving over the last year and while I would never put an end to my favorite scribbles, like Carrie's evolution, there will more posts about real relationships in the next know, if TV dinners, smutty novels, video games and dogs don't take over.

Are you married? How to you keep your marriage fresh with conflicting schedules, obligations, chores and life?

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Jeremy said...

It's not that it has to be "fresh" that's just what people say that aren't happy. If you are happy, then it doesn't matter what you guys do, you're together and comfortable. Life is not TV though, you're not going to turn into some miserable old couple eating frozen dinners on TV trays and not speaking to each other, it's just not you. Keep being yourselves, marriage is different for everyone.