Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who you calling UGG?

A few years ago, Kristen and I were sitting at a bar. These were the days we went shopping weekly for bar outfits and refused to wear the same thing twice.  Shoes have always been a weakness. On this particular evening, we were tending to our dirty martini's like it was our job. (Ok, not unlike most of our evenings in those days.) We saw this girl wearing a adorable sweater dress with fashionable tights, but then it the glamour of it all just faded away as the outfit ended in clunky, chunky, flat boots. It was UGGly. We judged, and stood firm as this look continued to catch on over the next few months and years. (I blame Kate Hudson.) We kept tight in our sky high stilletos, nursing any possible foot pain with alcohol whilst declaring, "REAL WOMAN WEAR HEELS!"

And why wouldn't we? We're professionals who can do anything in the right pair of shoes.

Exibit A: At most weddings, particularly the outdoor variety, shoes are kicked off before the bread is served. Look at us going strong as the sun is setting at this early afternoon outdoor affair.

Exibit B. We can climb brick walls. Nothing can slow us down. The heels help I think.

Exibit C: Clearly we can dance. (And point at our shoes to make sure you notice at the same time)

Exibit D:, we can fall down too.

We were living a life in heels and loving every minute. I can even assure you that until a few short months ago, we were prancing along to work in our fancy heels everyday too. 

Then some things happened. Kristen decided it would be acceptable to wear tennis shoes on the metro and switch at work. I decided it was acceptable to keep proper slippers under my desk at work for mini breaks.  It was all a downward spiral (in more ways than one) to flats from there. 

I started my job in retail. After two weeks it has become apparent that my feet are not going to "get used" to standing all day in heels. Fancy flats won't do either. I was forced to by proper flat shoes with arch support. This weekend we have a huge employee discount. While Kristen and I were confident the trend of Uggs would quickly pass, it seems evident there will be no end in sight. I did some research. I like the story. The craftmanship seems impecable. I decided I would secretly purchase the evil boots, but never ever let my stiletto friend know. 

Last Sunday morning, we met for breakfast. I showed up with my jeans covering my bootstyle regular slippers. It was early and I slipped into the booth without her ever noticing. We talked jobs, babies, life and gossip over breakfast when I decided I must confess to her my intentions to make the purchase this coming weekend. 

To my relief, she revealed from under the table, a black, legging covered leg...that ended with an UGG covered foot...


TB said...

I do not have any myself, but they look very very comfortable, which I guess is the draw. They seem like a lot of work, though, with cleaning and all--surely they get dirty easily?

Kristen said...

We drank the Ugg kool-aid.

Nicki said...

I wore heels every single day of my teen life. I wore them with jeans, stockings, bare feet, and even trouser socks! But body is plagued with Lupus arthritis and heels are no longer an option. =((( UGGs on the other hand....heaven for the feet!!