Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who you calling UGG?

A few years ago, Kristen and I were sitting at a bar. These were the days we went shopping weekly for bar outfits and refused to wear the same thing twice.  Shoes have always been a weakness. On this particular evening, we were tending to our dirty martini's like it was our job. (Ok, not unlike most of our evenings in those days.) We saw this girl wearing a adorable sweater dress with fashionable tights, but then it the glamour of it all just faded away as the outfit ended in clunky, chunky, flat boots. It was UGGly. We judged, and stood firm as this look continued to catch on over the next few months and years. (I blame Kate Hudson.) We kept tight in our sky high stilletos, nursing any possible foot pain with alcohol whilst declaring, "REAL WOMAN WEAR HEELS!"

And why wouldn't we? We're professionals who can do anything in the right pair of shoes.

Exibit A: At most weddings, particularly the outdoor variety, shoes are kicked off before the bread is served. Look at us going strong as the sun is setting at this early afternoon outdoor affair.

Exibit B. We can climb brick walls. Nothing can slow us down. The heels help I think.

Exibit C: Clearly we can dance. (And point at our shoes to make sure you notice at the same time)

Exibit D:, we can fall down too.

We were living a life in heels and loving every minute. I can even assure you that until a few short months ago, we were prancing along to work in our fancy heels everyday too. 

Then some things happened. Kristen decided it would be acceptable to wear tennis shoes on the metro and switch at work. I decided it was acceptable to keep proper slippers under my desk at work for mini breaks.  It was all a downward spiral (in more ways than one) to flats from there. 

I started my job in retail. After two weeks it has become apparent that my feet are not going to "get used" to standing all day in heels. Fancy flats won't do either. I was forced to by proper flat shoes with arch support. This weekend we have a huge employee discount. While Kristen and I were confident the trend of Uggs would quickly pass, it seems evident there will be no end in sight. I did some research. I like the story. The craftmanship seems impecable. I decided I would secretly purchase the evil boots, but never ever let my stiletto friend know. 

Last Sunday morning, we met for breakfast. I showed up with my jeans covering my bootstyle regular slippers. It was early and I slipped into the booth without her ever noticing. We talked jobs, babies, life and gossip over breakfast when I decided I must confess to her my intentions to make the purchase this coming weekend. 

To my relief, she revealed from under the table, a black, legging covered leg...that ended with an UGG covered foot...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coffee people are different

There is a difference between people who drink coffee, and people who do not. Now, I don't want to say we are better, but maybe we are more passionate. I would go as far as to say I do not trust those who do not enjoy, covet and need coffee in their lives, but that would mean not trusting my husband or mom. And I really like them so I'll let this coffee flaw slide.

The morning I was getting married, my bride brain woke me early. I poked Nat but he was not trying to wake up just yet. We had spent the night at the bed and breakfast and our friends Kurt and Kristi came up the night prior as well to get the party started early. Well, actually, Kristi and I had fallen asleep slightly fearful of the obvious ghost activity in the B&B while the boys did manly things like smoke cigars and drink dark liquor or something?

Anyway, I really wanted breakfast and coffee that morning, so I called my parents. They were absolutely partaking in the B&B breakfast, because really, is anything better? I text Kristi, and Kurt wasn't moving either so we joined my parents immediately.

We sat percolating with excitement as the staff picked me out as the bride for day and popped by our table to offer their congrats. (It might have had to do with my white "Bride" jumpsuit in a dining room of white table clothes, fine silver and china and otherwise appropriately dressed diners that gave me away.) When our waiter came to the table to take our drink order, he had a pot of coffee in hand.

"Coffee or tea?" he politely asked.

In unison, my Dad, Kristi and I immediately snatched our perfectly, proper mugs off the table, desperation in our eyes, hands quivering as we held out our empty cups waiting for him to fill them with that dark, smooth drug. "Coffee pleeeease, yes, coffee, good," we practically grunted, unable to form complete sentences with the goodness so close to being ours. The good man nodding knowingly as he quickly took care of the situation and my sweet mother calmly stated, "I'll have hot tea...whenever you get a chance," she added, giving her coffee crazed companions a look that said we had better start acting right.

It was at that moment when I really saw in action the difference between the ritual of coffee in the morning in comparison other beverages. Mom enjoys her tea. In a normal way. Nat likes Dr. Pepper every morning but he can function before he has it. Not us coffee kids though. Oh, no.

And it gets even stranger. Ok, well this is an extreme, but I am on an Ally McBeal kick, so I will leave you with this. Another extreme:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Why start at the beginning?

...when I can start at the end when it gets good?  Last Friday, was not only my last day at my last job, but my buddy Karla was jumping ship at well. We were useless towards the end of the day. Happy Hour was only hours away and after the painful last few months in an office that was sucking our wills to live, we were much more distracted with nail polish colors, which shoes to wear, getting caffeinated with Starbucks and consoling Kerry, who was still going to be employed at the current establishment on Monday morning.

Finally, 5 o'clock came and the three of us hightailed it out of there and were with drinks in hand mere minutes later. A huge feeling of relief came over me, and then a need to have fun. I could almost remember what it felt like, but I was going to need a few rum and cokes to remind me. It was fun to hang with the girls outside of work. We're all incredibly outgoing so before long we joined forces with another young group of fellas that were also taking Friday night seriously. One of the group was a cutie with potential for Karla, and another just happened to be one of Nat's friends in town from NY. Bonus, because we snapped a pic together and sent it to Nat showing him how much fun we were having. My hubs is not one to partake in nights out on Fridays, but we swindled him right into joining us. (Well hours later when he got off of work.)

Oh, hours later. Yes, our group had grown. We had the good sense to eat dinner. And do some shots. And rejoin the boys. By this time I had invited out my favorite single girl and we had all relocated downtown.  Things were blurry. There was music. It was cold outside, but for the first time in months I felt warm and happy and dare I say, alive? I skipped around from old friends, to new friends to my favorite friend. (The one I married.)

I needed that night. I truly hope it ended the hardest time in my life I have ever experienced. Several months ago, I decided I simply could not bare to do what I was doing for another day. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of options and it took several months to secure something new. Something terrifyingly new. I've done the same thing over and over again work wise and expected different results for years. Who knows if this change will be right for me, but I have very, very high hopes and positive thoughts.

With any luck, Julie is back!!!

Poor quality photo, but can we take a minute to look at how happy I am? This is pure joy and not just because of the rum. 

Oh, and there was one Night Note.

Kerry: Crayon comes off of plate!!!