Sunday, September 18, 2011

Then and Now

The mosquitoes are subsiding.  Crunchy leaves fall gently onto my porch. The windows are open and that familiar crisp feeling sneaks in at night.

Fall is upon us. No amount of wishing or remorse for a summer that went by too quickly and all too neglected will change that.  All in good time we'll pick out pumpkins and things that say "Harvest" to put on display in our homes. Everyone is fired up about football and as girls, we physically can not stop ourselves from talking about boots. Is it too soon? It's too soon isn't it? We discuss which boots we plan to wear and with what.  Let us not forget the boots that we have yet to purchase this year!

I awoke earlier than needed by the sound of an explosion or gunshot of some sort this morning.  Nat moved slightly in his sleep and curled around me a little closer obviously unfazed by the noise. The morning air took me back to my elementary years when the first days of fall would make their appearance. Mom would have put flannel sheets on my bed and I had a few dangerously synthetic night gowns that would spark with static electricity in the night against the sheets.  I was often the first to wake up in those days but rather than rise, I would reach for whatever Beverly Cleary, Ramona book I was reading at the time and hunker down for a bit of uninterrupted escape from the trials of my own school work and grade school politics. Eventually, Mom and Dad and Cheryl would wake and we would have toast and eggs and hot Red Rose tea steeped until it was bitter just the way I liked it.  The appreciation of a day off from school did not escape me even then.

This morning I'm channeling my inner childhood Julie. The Ramona book is currently replaced with my laptop for perusing blogs and facebook. A sweet husband sleeps soundly next to me and the dog who is rescuing me snoozes on the floor by our bed occasionally opening one eye to see if it is walk time.  The blissful satisfaction of a day away from work is not lost on me.


The Vegetable Assassin said...

Very nicely put, miss Jules.

I love Fall. I'd love it even more if it went like this: Summer, Fall, Summer, Fall, Summer, get the idea. :) Summer and Fall are awesome. The rest can eff off please.

Blue skies and crisp, cold, clear air! Bring it!

huskymomma94 said...

Aaah. I miss those simple days of sitting down with a Beverly Clearly book (and usually a bowl of soup).

Megan said...

Now that sounds like an ideal day. And now I want to haul out my old Clearly books!

colleen said...

i loved this post - i can just see little julie enjoying her tea in the morning. fall is definitely a wonderfully cozy season.

Nicki said...

I love the fall so much! I am jealous as I read about your dog while mine is doing all she can right now to break a window so she can chase the squirrel!