Sunday, August 14, 2011

School, Gin, Night Notes, and Procrastination

After taking several semesters off of school while doing that whole big white dress thing and getting settled into new jobs, the time to hesitate is through.  I have registered for an intense program this fall called Excell.  The short version is that students can earn up to 36 credits in one semester by targeting specific classes they are required to take and writing to prove "life experience."...or something. I'm not sure, even though I have a friend who has done it and discussed it with several advisers, I'm still not positive how it works.

I do know that I'm technically in the program which know, sometime in the next few weeks and the first order of business is that I peruse the courses I have left to take and write an essay explaining which courses I will be targeting in the program.  Sounds easy enough, right?  We'll I'm sure it will be once I get started.

Wednesday I simply had to do laundry.  And then Thursday, I'm embarrassed to say, well that was Jerzday and before that I needed to vacuum and wander aimlessly around my house for five hours. Priorities. Friday night I really was about to stop playing on the internet.  Really I was.  I was sipping a gin and tonic on my deck and I swear I was reaching for the syllabus when my phone rang and my hand switched directions and answered totally against my will.

It was my good friend Eli who I had not caught up with in ages.  He used to be my roommate and now we literally live less than a mile from each other but I rarely see him.  He said he was walking downtown to Stan and Joes for some live music and I happen to love Stan and Joes and know all the bartenders there so before I knew it, I said I'd leave straight away.

The syllabus fell to the ground in symbolic slow motion. Brubeck looked a me in a rather judgmental way for such a young pup. I assured him I'd only be gone for one and kissed the top of his furry head as I popped out the door.

The thing with Annapolis is that you can never just go to one bar. It's basically impossible to not relocate at least once. After we had discussed Eli's recent honeymoon and various other topics of interest, the band became extra loud and we decided to go to Tsunami. The good news is we ordered sushi, but the bad news is that we also ordered more drinks. Twice.  My plans for 9 a.m. yoga and completing the crucial school project in question before heading to a birthday party the next afternoon were quickly deteriorating.

There is only one Night Note. It is as follows:

Eli: I tell you what I'm going to do. Not go to yoga at 9 a.m.

Sigh.  As previously discussed in painstaking detail I've been quite the non-drinking hermit in my house all summer long.  The memory of the numerous gin and tonics did nothing positive for my Saturday.  When I officially made it out of bed around 3:30 (oh the shame of it) it still look me a solid two hours to get myself in gear to go to the party three hours late.  And nurse an iced tea.

Upon arrival home I had a solid hour before Nat finished work and it would have been a great time to start the project.  I'm pretty sure I spent and extensive amount of time wandering around and petting Brubeck before convincing Nat to watch Eclipse, or whichever is the third Twilight movie.

Julie: Let's watch Twilight. It's good. I swear. Wolves fight.
Nat: Is there nudity?

He was totally onto me and dudes with muscles and no shirts does not qualify as his version of 'nudity' however I was still a little pale and ill from my hangover so he obliged.  I will admit the movie wasn't as good as I remembered, but don't tell Nat that.

So now, it's Sunday.  The dog as been walked, I've consumed a bagel and secured coffee.  The house is relatively clean.  There is no reason not to start this school thing. I mean, it really shouldn't take too long. I should just get it done and over with. I'll feel so much better when it's done. Worse case scenario it takes two hours. So really, I have all day to do it, right?

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