Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh HI Hermit, Night Notes!

After the previous Friday nights shenanigans I was on the fast-track back to hermit town.  While I did have a great time out of my house for the first time all summer, the repercussions of my beverages were brutal.  So when Nat asked me this Friday night if I wanted to go out to visit our friend Newman who was working at the Wild Orchid I hesitated. I hadn't seen Newman in months. I would have to forgo my plans of eating a swiss cheese sandwich, wearing pajamas and going to to watch Jersey Shore extras...Oh, god. I had to go.  But could I make myself do it?

I looked like this trying to decide.

Full of worry and fret. Eventually, I decided I could do it. I would put on my real pants and apply a large amount of mascara and I would go and drink only a respectable amount of alcohol. I would enjoy going out and mingling with the (gulp)...public.

Nat and I arrived around 11 and there was a drunk psychologist forcefully pushing her knowledge of body language on all the other patrons.  Personally, I felt that was in poor form and rather unprofessional. In addition, I feel her need to blatantly make others nervous that she was looking at them to be a sign of her own insecurities. That and I was jealous of her shiny red shoes.

Eventually, I started to settle in.  I had a glass of red wine and we started to catch up with Newman. The following Night Notes occurred:

Newman: I had to fire him.
Julie: Why?
Newman: He was mean to the bosses should know about that.
(Do'h! Touche Newman, Touche)

Julie: How many trannies were there?
Newman: I'm going to plead the fifth.
Newman: Tranny Hobitt. Yeah!

Nat: Newman has a short fuse. It's more like a fuss. Just take of the "e."

We only stayed out of a few hours before Nat and I were both ready to venture home.  Getting out of the house was good, but getting back home was good too. I'm going to try to be brave and face the world some more in the next few weeks to secure more night notes blogs. Newman suggested a new feature called, "Night Notes on Night Scrolls" which I think is really just a longer version of a night note, but I'm still entertaining the idea. Right now, I'm really into my new picture feature which I'm pretty sure I can maintain so we'll see how that goes.

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