Monday, August 8, 2011

Jersey Shore Thoughts

My husband has taken to calling me a hermit because I just haven't felt like myself lately and therefore have not gone out. You may have noticed the decline in Night Notes. To fill the sober void, today you'll find evidence of the deep and meaningful conversations I partake in. It's really not all that different from an actual Night Note. Typically, I allow myself one really good trash reality show to indulge in at a time. This google chat excerpt is Kristen and me discussing our favorite orange GTL'ers in painful detail last Thursday before the premier.

Julie:  I just watched the trailer for Jersey Shore. SO excited. Im  also such a loser
Kristen: Ha ha ha. I think I will probably start watching it and then get bored halfway through the season, which is what I did last year. It is set to record though!
 Julie: no way dude. i had not seen the trailer until now and it looks amazing!
  Did you know there are going to be fights?!?!?!
Kristen: ha ha ha ha I saw one where they had the situation on a stretcher?
  something ridic like that
 Julie: I KNOW!
  although i thought it was ron, but yes, it does make more sense for it to have been mike.  It looks like those two are going to get in a real fight
Kristen: i like ronnie (insert face of shame)
 Julie: ............
Kristen: ha ha ha. i know!
 Julie: i dont think i can be your friend.....for real
Kristen: i hate mike
 Julie: TEAM SAMMI!!!! (I mean, if we're talking Ron and Sam)
Kristen: she's a whiny beyotch
 Julie: Yeah, but Ron is a dick
Kristen: but she is sweet sometimes. no, i am talking ron vs the other guys
Julie:  um, i like Mike more. But obv Pauly D and Vinnie are the best ones
  and Ronnies is not bad looking but I really dont like how he scrunches his nose when he laughs
 Kristen: Vinnie...BARF I'd do ronnie and pauly
 Julie: ( do realize this is going to have to be a blog post about us contributing to society again right?)
Kristen: ha ha ha
  I HATE him!
Kristen: ha ha ha ha i think vinnie is so ug!!
 Julie: he is not, i mean hes a little pale
  and he does do that eyebrow thing that is annoying
  but he is sort of nice, and funny
  does that show up ?
  vinnie is clearly the ugliest and, also, his eyes are overly groomed.
 Julie: ok, his eyes are in fact overly groomed
  however Ronnie has Dr. Suess hairs
Kristen: ha ha ha his hairs are awful
 Julie:  i also have a suspicion that he shaves part of the top of his forehead

And there you have it. The world is lucky to have us.

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