Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I rather enjoy needles in my body...

I'm dabbling in the world of acupuncture these days for a myriad of reasons. Yesterday, I ventured in for the real deal needles-in-my-back appointment.

To get started was told to leave on just my bra and to make sure my skirt was loose enough so she could move it if needed. As I situated myself on the table face down I unzipped and rezipped my skirt numerous times trying to get it just loose enough, but not showing too much thong loose. I gave up when I zipped my skin in the zipper and fretted that she would wonder what kind of kinky things I was into because I had a pinch mark on my ass.

Next up, I put my face in the head rest and conveniently discovered there was an arm rest below. My initial thought was not, "Oh, nice place to rest my hands," but "I bet a lot of people drool on this thing."  Around this time, the doctor arrived and proceeded with needles along my both sides of my spine. She wrapped me in blankets, commented that a few of the needles had turned red, (?!)  turned on soothing music and left me to my experience.

I felt pretty relaxed and smug about being able to chill out at 5:30 in the evening when I'm normally running around all helter skelter stressed. Suddenly, I woke from a bizarre and startling dream about puppet people arguing though I can't quite recall the specifics any longer. I do recall, my loooong stream of drool hanging straight down to that hand rest! CRAP! and also, I knew it! I frantically wiped away at it, sure the Dr. would appear right then. Oh, the shame of it. I wasn't really sure how long I had been there, but while I didn't entirely doze off again, I was by no means entirely alert.

After an undetermined amount of time, she came back and as promised, removed the first needles and replaced them with a few new ones in a different location and quietly walked out. I proceeded back to my twilight zone of half consciousness. I could barely hear the man in the next room rambling on about his stresses in life and his daughter and wife. I felt bad for the acupuncturist who had to deal with him, but decided that is probably what I sounded like at my first visit last week so I let it go and faded back into the zone.

When it was all done, she told me to take my time getting ready. She suggested I might feel a little loopy. As I stood up, I was surprised to see the sun was getting a little lower in the sky. Looking at the clock I was shocked to find over an hour had passed. I walked over to my clothes and stumbled, I was so off balance. In a calm and relaxed way though. I lost interest with clothes at this point and wandered over to the mirror, (no mind I was passing huge window looking over someones back yard) and found that my eye make-up was surprisingly smeared, my face looked unusually relaxed and come to think of it, it felt completely stress free.

It took me longer than normal to button my shirt and gather my things. Nat had called. Had I told him I was going to acupuncture? At the front desk, I was told what to expect in the next few days. She had done a treatment for my shoulder and for sort of an emotional detox, I believe. The next 72 hours could be interesting. She told me to drive safely as I probably felt as though I had a few glasses of wine and was "dopey."

I'm not sure when the last time was that I felt that relaxed. Nat had dinner for me when I got home and we took a gleeful Brubeck for a cool evening stroll. Now that my head was on a little straighter, I practically skipped on our walk. I slept in dream free bliss, though I did not want to get up this morning. My back is cracking in a very satisfying way and my shoulder issue feels much less tense.

Until the journey continues next week, I'll be trying to find times for the good stuff in life and relaxing with my loves.


Colleen said...

I have heard such wonderful things about accupuncture. I really, really need to try it some time.

I'm so glad you're having such a positive experience!

FiveSibesMom said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping over to my blog! I'm now following yours! Love the pic with your sweet dog! I have to tell you, I've been going through acupuncture treatments for awhile, and you had me laughing as I have totally been where you were! Everytime I get up I look like I had a rough night out, only feeling much better than if I did have a rough night out! I can tell you, while some sessions can be pretty intense with the needles going in...I always have felt better afterwards. Lots of luck with your treatments, may they continue to work! Stop by again soon!

Lady Stardust said...

wow, sounds amazing! i want to do it now too!

Nicki said...

I have always said that I would never do acupuncture because I thought it was BS. But given the way I have been feeling lately and how much I keep hearing about the benefits of it, I just may give it a try!