Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I never cease to be amazed...

Without really getting into what I do for work, I wanted to share the following email transaction that I found to be both hilarious and shockingly untactful for lack of a better description.  It begins with an email from a random lady in response to a mass discount email that was sent out by my company. (I have only edited my response to avoid getting into my line of work.)

Random Lady:  email me fee schedules! I want to good services too.

Professional Me: I have attached a generic preliminary sheet so you can get an idea of our fees. Would you like me to prepare one with specific figures?  I would be happy to answer any questions you have and hope to work with you soon. 

Random Lady:  do you have chinese work in your office?

Professional Me:  (Wait. What?  Proceeds to google person while drafting appropriate response in head.)

Random Lady: We will pass since I have much better deals with another two companies, even with $300 discounts.
Good Luck, I know a lot of ________ companies will be out of business next few years, just too many around.
Yes, the person who is unable of emailing with proper grammar just wished me good luck and suggested my company may go out of business? I feel a more appropriate response could have been, "Thank you, our current companies still offer lower rates."
My favorite part?  Her email signature.
"I believe success isn't what we know, but who we know."
Fantastic! It's good to not want to be held accountable for making yourself a success but rather to mooch off of others. 
For the record, I felt no need to respond. 


TB said...

Hahahaha! Spelling and grammar (and social decorum) are falling to the wayside in this digital age. Sad, but true. At least you didn't have to deal with this person any further!

annahita said...

so random?! love that quote at the end too, so funny...

Stephanie said...

Ha! Wow. I can't believe the things some people think are appropriate. It's like they think professional courtesy doesn't matter when you're hiding behind a comp.

Jeremy said...

Oh my future assistant, how I feel for you. If it makes you feel better, reading horribly written resumes and awful grammar usage in cover letters is a never-ending source of entertainment. I save the worst offenders in a file of shame. I could write a blog just based on those...but you know, professionalism and all. :(

Nicki said...

Ahhhh....stupid people....all you can do is laugh in their faces!

colleen said...

that note at the end is too funny