Monday, August 29, 2011

East Coast Drama

So the earth was shaking and the seas were swirling around these parts in the last week.

Last Tuesday we experienced a 5.8 earthquake.  That was a lot of shakey excitement for Maryland since most of us have never felt a significant quake before. I can say it was neat because to my knowledge while nothing terrible happened, we had a few broken things and open dresser drawers so I feel like we can say we really experienced something.

While media was all, AGH, batteries, ice, non-perishable foods and gas! Pandemonium now! I was like, "YIPPEE!!! Hurricane storm, it's our 6 month wedding anniversary AND Nat has the weekend off!" I promptly proceeded to purchase plenty of perishable foods which worked out really well for me since we never lost power. And in the Julie and Nat household, the TV remotes are the only things we own that run off of batteries so I didn't have to buy those anyway.

In other news, do you ever just assume that your husband doesn't really pay attention to the girly things you do, but then all of a sudden he not only knows exactly what you are up to, but manages to poke fun at you in a really clever way? I had just finished up some in-house yoga Sunday morning when Nat woke up. Brubeck had actually cooperated and watched in curiosity for once rather than his normal, sniff, sniff, paw, bite knock me over routine.  Nat looked up and spied this scene.

"Brubeck is on your Namaste rag." ...Namaste rag?


huskymomma94 said...

Awww Bru is so cute on the yoga mat! Er, I mean namaste rag.

Lady Stardust said...