Thursday, July 28, 2011

I want to hang out in my driveway all day

With a little extra time yesterday morning, I popped out for a quick stroll around 8 a.m. with Brubeck. As we leisurely walked down my street, a toddler toddled down the sidewalk wearing just a pair of swim trunks in front of his house while his extra pregnant mom set up a wooden table with perfectly mismatched chairs in the driveway. His Dad came from around the corner carrying a blue plastic pool. They appeared to be setting up for a fabulous morning. The boy smiled in delight at Bru and exclaimed, "Doggie."

I felt slightly jealous of the fun they would be having while I ventured on to sit in my office for the day. I wondered how long they would enjoy their morning outside and kind of even wished I could be sitting in a cheap blue plastic pool of my own.

Today I found time to sneak in another walk before work again. Wouldn't you know that the table and chairs were set up again, only this time there was a fresh Micheal's bag filled with what I was sure was the supplies for a crafty morning on the table. I felt grouchy and green with envy which is not a good and zen way to feel. All the same, I wanted to be hanging outside doing crafts on a beautiful summer day.

I'm not sure what the Dad does and if he eventually went to work, or if the Mom is just home relishing her last few days as a one child Mom before the second arrives.  I really thought about that.  I might have to go to work, but I kind of secretly might like my job a little bit right now. Shhh! Don't tell anyone.  Even though that woman is at home, she does and is about to have all sorts of stresses and interuptions that I can't even imagine. Maybe her driveway morning isn't actually nearly as relaxing as it looks...?

If you see me chilling in my driveway having my own relaxfest this weekend, you'll know where I got my inspriration. Unfortunately, I think I would look trashy sitting in a childs plastic pool, but maybe I can have table/crafts time outdoors....

***Update: Friday morning, two giant pots of assorted planted herbs were added to the driveway setup. Not bitter. Not bitter at all.

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Nicki said...

I think the driveway scene wasn't as relaxing as it appeared. I remember when I was pregnant with my second, I did everything with my daughter hoping that she would later say, "sure, it sucks that I never get any attention but all that attention I got a month before my brother was born will carry me through the rest of my life!!"