Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Hour Night Notes

A few weeks ago, Kristen, Katie, Brubeck and I decided to go to a casual Thursday night happy hour at Wild Orchid.  As these things often happen, one thing led to another and before you know it, thirteen of us had gathered and were relocated to Metropolitan's rooftop and it was nearing last call. The wine, and a  few shots were flowing and the night note had manifested itself on a cloth napkin. This is either an all time high or all time low. Oops.  Let's go with classy.

The Night Notes, as they were this fine Thursday night. 

Katie:  You can die from detox from alcohol.
Kristen:  That's why I'm still drinking.

Kristen: Is this when you ate all my strawberries?
Julie: I ate all your strawberries and your pasta.

Julie and Kristen: Newman was the least creepy of them all.

Anonymous:  Patrick F. always pretends to be the good guy.

Kristen: (proudly) I have pecs too!

Katie: It's painful to be sore.

Newman:  The plaid bitch!

Newman: Wine, woman and wisdom.  When women drink wine there is not a lot of wisdom.
Kristen: That's a lot of wisdom.
Newman: More like bitches, booze and bitching.

Kristen: Welcome to Annapolis.  Keep your dirty f$&King mouth off our fountains.

Bri: We do not support Newman. Ever.

Kristen: That wasn't an accident.

Julie: I think drunk eyes are hot.

Jud: Grandmere-occur.

Katie: It's pre-sexy back. After nsync, before sexy back.

And there your have it.  Night Notes on a cloth napkin.
I'm not in the mood to get my camera, but feel the need to prove this happened, so here is the evidence taken outside on my computer cam while I sip my afternoon gin and ton.

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