Sunday, July 24, 2011


In the t-shirt shop on the boardwalk in Ocean City, I was casually waiting for my sister who was trying on a few pairs of shorts while I gazed at the myriad of decals adorning the ceiling and walls.  I will always remember where I was on this blistering hot day when I heard this tragic news. 

Random sales clerk from Montgomery County who goes to Towson and thinks I go to UMBC because he asked me where I go to school and it seemed like an easier answer to just say that:  (yes, I have no idea why I know so much about this guy after being in the store for 10 minutes...where was I? Oh yeah---)

Towson Boy: Did you hear that singer died?
Me: Who?
Towson Boy: Amy Winehouse
Me: She did?! That's terrible. When?
Cheryl: (peaks head and half of body out from behind dressing room curtain, shorts only half pulled up over her bathing suit) What? Amy Winehouse died?
Towson Boy: Yes she was found in her apartment today.

You can't help but think the obvious. She should have gone to rehab.  Actually, I think she did try on numerous occasions.  I thought Amy was a phenomenal singer.  I loved her amazing voice, heartfelt lyrics,  and watching her dance to her music.  She had an nontraditional style that she stayed true to and she rocked it. 

On the car ride home I told Cheryl I was angry.  This woman was incredibly talented and had all the resources she could possibly need to get better.  Now we will never have more amazing music from her.  But you know what?  We don't know how she died yet.  We all just assume it was drug related. I'm disgusted by the negative facebook status updates.  Maybe I'm not shocked myself that she died, but to treat her death as something that deserved to end and to actually post that she deserved to die is inexcusable. 

No one knows what demons this woman had to battle. The untalented people posting these things will never know what relentless media attention can do to your mind and soul.  Who knows what other troubles, mentally, physically, family, childhood ect., she had to overcome.

I truly hope Amy is resting at peace and signing her heart out.  I'm glad she shared her talent with the world while she could. 

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Mandy_Fish said...

Me too. I don't understand the callous remarks about her death on Facebook either. She's somebody's sister. She's somebody's daughter. She's somebody. Period. And don't we all deserve a modicum of compassion when we have died? I just don't get it.