Friday, June 10, 2011


Nat and I are getting rid of basically every big item we own.  The couches, the kitchen table, dressers, ect.  If you read the last post you can pretty much put the pieces together and guess that we're inheriting all of Grandmere's furniture. It's bittersweet obviously, but I'm trying to focus on the upgrade. The current project/distraction is moving everything out. This means posting things on craigslist to sell on the cheap and hope the people don't chop you up when they come to get them. 

It's hard to coordinate mine and Nat's schedules and well, my four legged friend isn't exactly intimidating just yet so he would be of no protection.  The first guy came this evening and I was sure right away I was going to get out alive and he wasn't going to steal all the rest of my things. We had great luck with the first dresser.  By the second we had chatted a little and I'd even sold him on the futon. The relocation of the long dresser proved to be tricky. It was a "pivot" situation.  I put on my best Ross from Friend's impersonation and was all  "Pivot, Pivot, PIVOT!!!" And the guy was like, "Turn, Turn, Turn!" Fortunately, we had much better luck than Ross and nobody got stuck or crushed, and the best part was that nobody got chopped up!

I'm still trying to wrap my brain around things and come to terms with life and death and all that.  In the not so far back on my mind, it's right there every minute of everyday.  The weekend plan is a day at the pool with my best friend. Sun, wine, vit d and a little down time are starting to warm my spirits just thinking about it.


Slamdunk said...

I am sorry for your loss.

The Mrs. and I had new carpets installed in the house last year and that meant moving all furniture from room to room for a couple of days--it is a wonder we are still together.

apey528 said...

Makes me think of another episode of Friends - when Joey tries to sell the entertainment center that's too big. They guy bets him he can't fit in it then locks him in and steels everything. Don't fall for anything like that! :-)