Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Deep Conversations with Julie and April

The following is an actual g-chat conversation between my best friend and me a few weeks ago where we discuss the complexities of making it big on the tails of the youtube hit, "Friday."  It's clear to me that we are a big asset to society...

April: I seriously need to work but have you seen this? Rebecca Black, Friday   It's ridic, hilar, and catchy

me : been knowing about that, SO catchy

April: i figured --I don't do the youtube thing but this is just so freaking funny

me: even though its SOOOO bad

April: sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!

me:damn, but now its going to be in my head again

April:couldn't be worse, i wanted to share the torture

me: that video was mad drama like a month ago, there are just so many questions, ok, mostly just the one, why is she driving around with her 13 year old a car?

April: and which seat do I choose??

me: on a fridaaay, fridaaay,...after she ate her cereal?
ok, my other question is why is it so catchy when its SOOOOO know her parents spent a couple thousand for her to make the video? Oh, and that rap guy?

April: ......Because its Friday!!!!

me :oh right, it IS because its Friday

April: and really everyone does look forward to the weekend! so everyone can relate!

me: especially ON a Friday

April:  esp! she's had like 150 million views! ....I guess I've been like 5 tho

me: and I've been a couple as well. *hangs head in shame....maybe we can come up with somethign catchy

April: maybe we can, that everyone can relate to

me: so...Wednesday is out?

April: hump day?

me:"WTF Wednesday?" - it used to be a big deal until I got old and was no longer able to hang on Wednesdays, and "throw in the towel thursday" got real.

April: It can't be negative or pessimistic or it won't work, everyone looks forward to summer,or spring, flowers blooming,  the beach? Friday is every week tho,.....seriously every week people look forward to Friday. It can't be beat

me: what about....SATURDAY?!?! Saturday is WAY better than friday...unless you are hungover from Friday

April: Friday is all about the anticipation

me: thats where it gets tricky, you are right, there is NO anticipation for Saturday

April: by the time Saturday is here you're over it

me: people always be saying, "is it Friday yet?"

April: Okay I seriously need to do some work or I won't be able to leave!on FRIDAY! FRIDAY

me:not on FRIDAY? but you must leave early on Friday friday

April: ...maybe we can make an adult version

me: yeah, adult mostly just means alcohol prob,right?

April: I'm pretty sure they had alcohol...

me: they did? oh dear. how will we upstage them then?

April: i mean how do you "party" without alcohol

me: did they have the sex?

April: I didn't see sex

me: we'll the add sex!

April: leaving work early and sex --we got it!

me: oooooh, that IS it

"leaving early, early, early
going to have some sex"

same beat and everything!

(i feel a blog coming on.)

April: we have to stop I'm looking like a fool cracking up at my desk

me: ha ha ha, but it doesnt matter, we're about tomake it big!

April: not rofl but cuamd

me: wait...what is cuamd?

April: cracking up at my desk

me: ha ha ha, me too

April's new status message - MUST. DO. WORK! 10:30 AM

April:okay. don't talk to me or you might interrupt my working.


Colleen said...

Gchat us blocked on governement computers. Sigh . . .

Hilarious, as usual.

Anonymous said...

I hate that song but it's so funny watching her think she's all that. "I'm the next Beatles..."

Classy Career Girl said...

gchats are the best! My husband is addicted and reading his gchats with his friends his hilarious! Hope you have a great weekend!

Multi-Colored Sprinkles said...

hilarious!!! I am back at my old blogging habbits :) I am doing a $25 gift card give away to kick it off check it out