Friday, June 24, 2011

AM I losing my mind?

My friend Jen and I have been trying to get our pups together for the once monthly "Yappy Hour" event downtown.   This week after we confirmed we could both go, she realized that she had to drop her boy off at boarding since she was going away in the morning but decided she would still go with me and Bru anyway.  Last night I noticed Bru's eye was a little red.  We decided it must be from swimming and we would keep our own eyes on his.  Morning time? He's fine.

I rushed in the door at 5:15 this evening exclaimed, "Let's go Bruby!!!!  We're going to Yappy hour! You're going to love it!"  He was really excited. We thought it was best to walk since I would be drinking and he can't drive.

Twenty minutes later we were there and I got in line for my beverage but Bru was being all weird and pawing at his face.  I told him to stop embarrassing me. He got distracted and mingled with an enormous Newfoundland for a bit.  We made our way through the crowd and this lady was all, "Oh, he's so sweet.  And look at that winky eye?" Everyone tells me he is so cute and while I was confused about the wink thing I figured she just had too much to drink already.  She seemed a little drunk.

I went inside to get some cash and that's when I really looked at Bru's face for the first time this evening. His eye was swollen almost shut! I completely panicked and started talking to him about how we had to leave immediately and I was SO sorry I hadn't noticed sooner.  A sweet man walked by and told me I had a good looking dog.  Near tears, I told him we had to go because he had an eye infection and I can't believe I hadn't noticed sooner.  The man seemed really concerned, (about me, not Bru) and assured me Bru would be ok. I started to cry.

Bru and I ran outside and I called Jen telling her she wasn't going to believe this.  She said not to worry and we kind of laughed since she had in fact made an emergency vet run with her guy this week too.  I tried to jog with Bru but it was like 85 degrees outside and I basically had to tug him along which is when I realized it was clearly a viral infection and he probably had a temperature and was bordering on having a seizure. (Obviously.) I called my mother in law to get the vets number to call on our walk home, but they would not see him until morning and had the audacity to say they could tell I was upset and if it seemed to get worse I could take him to the emergency vet. I mentally started writing the scathing letter I planned to send to them in my head.

My mother in law called a few minutes later and said to bring him by and she would take a look to see if she thought he could wait or not.  I felt relieved to have help in my fur-babies fate.  But what's that?  His face looked kind of back to normal.  In fact,  had I imagined it?  No, the other happy hour people were commenting.  Pat took one look at him and said it looked slightly pink but other than that he seemed fine.

Seriously. I have no idea how he went from total half shut swollen wonk eye, seriously illness dog to perfectly healthy two eyed dog in a matter of of 20 minutes.  My biggest concern now? What am I going to tell the vet now? I've already called them once, (ahem three other times) for random questions.  Clearly, I come off as a total nut job.

And this my friends, is only one of the reasons I could never have a real kid.


Stephanie Faris said...

I swear I think it's almost harder with dogs because they can't tell you something's wrong. You don't even know most of the time except they start behaving oddly. I had a dog who got hyperthermia from laying on an electric blanket I had plugged in. He just started shaking and I finally took him to the emergency vet. They injected some fluids and told me all I could do was wait until the temp. went down...and keep him off electric blankets. I don't even have electric blankets anymore because I always have a dog around!

PorkStar said...

Awwww poor thing, maybe he just wanted your total attention, by making his eye get swollen shot. Men pull tricks like these too, you know?