Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When a Mockingbird tries to Kill you...

On Sunday, I decided to give the old tree loppers a whirl on a few of the crape myrtle branches that hang over my car, snagging at my hair each morning and throwing all sorts of tree stuff on my vehicle.  After a few snips, I heard a squawk and angry flapping and then a bird darted out of the tree, landed on my house and stared from above. Gulp.  He made a few more sounds and another bird joined him on my house. I'd seen this in a movie once and the outcome wasn't good. With one eye on the bird I made a few more hasty snips before he swooped back into the tree and made mean noises and I scooted across the yard.  That bird was surely threatening me.

I was sure this was my fate.
Just then, my mother in law pulled up, happy at the site of loppers as she's had her eye on trimming that tree for some time.  She gave me the courage I needed to get back in there, and helped me tackle some of the ivy that is viciously overtaking the tree and ultimately killing it. The birds swooped in and out and squawked and threatened. We made a solid game plan of which branches to keep and which would have to go due to death by ivy and called it a night.  The mockingbirds glared from above.

When I got home yesterday, Nat, my mother in law, and a few neighbors were circling below the tree and the mockingbirds and a few smaller bird friends were circling from above.  It was quite the scene.  I brought Brubeck out on a leash and we sat down on the lawn to watch the tree get it's hair cut and the ivy patch below be subdued.  Dogs and owners walked by for visits, new neighbors popped over with tips and ideas and even a pick-up truck to haul away the dead branches. 

It was great to see everyone come together on a busy first night of the week.  We've lived here just over a year and have always been friendly with everyone, but ever since we've had Bru it's like we've been formally accepted. We had puppy school and Bru wasn't going to have time for his evening walk.  A sweet college girl from across the street has a young German Shepherd.  She invited me to bring Bru over to run and burn off some energy in their back yard. He had a great time.

As cheesy as it may be, it's a great feeling watching your whole neighborhood come together for a project spontaneously...and offer support against killer Mockingbirds.


Lady Stardust said...

Lol! Wonderful Blog! Laughing so hard the tears are coming! Magnefique!

Slamdunk said...

Glad it did not turn into an Alfred Hitchcock ending for you. The protective birds give us some grief as well.

Nicki said...

I got chased by a swan once and nearly crapped myself! Birds are such nasty beasts!

Stephanie Faris said...

EEEK! I'm freaking out over these tiny, ugly cicadas that are hanging out in trees, sure one is going to land on my head. I haven't even thought about birds doing that very thing!