Saturday, May 7, 2011

People outside on Fridays

Remember a few months ago when I had a lot of time on my hands and I started/singing talking to myself? That's sort of happening right now, except I randomly talk and sing to Bru. Like, just now, I went upstairs to take out my contacts and I said, "BRB." (Let's not start on the fact that I do in fact say, brb instead of be right back.)

Yesterday, I needed to grab some laundry from the basement but I wasn't sure if I could trust Bru to stay out of trouble for that amount of time. "Can I trust you to be good while I go downstairs?" He turns his head very innocently at me. "I dooon't think I caaaaan. You look like trouble to meeeee-eeeee, " I sang. "You're going to eeeeeat myyy thiiiings."  In young Brubeck's defense, he did not eat any of my things. This time.

We went for a long walk today and one of my favorite things about Annapolis is that people of all ages take their outdoor drinking seriously.  Who needs an official happy hour location when you can have a glass of rose dripping with condensation on your screened in porch? That's what one elderly couple was doing.  Another not quite elderly yet, but maybe in a few years couple, were doing a little --actually, I have no idea what they were doing aside from wandering around their front yard drinking gin and tonics and talking to me.  For that matter, I don't know why I was in their front yard, but I was.  Was I drinking? Was I drunk?  Am I drunk right now?

On the way back from our walk, my four legged friend was starting to get distracted and not walk properly.  I channelled my inner Cesar Millan and realized I needed to walk more assertively to be pack leader. I picked up the pace and Bru followed suit. I was feeling pretty confident, all hair blowing in the wind, sunny day, looking good in my yoga pants with my well behaved dog and smiling at the young couple walking past me, when a bug flew violently up my nose.  I mean, when does that happen?  I had to stop and snort and snot all over the place and basically fall off my high horse right in front of that cute couple. Guess who's tale was between their legs then.

In closing, I just took this picture of the puppy baby.

It's alright, but OMG, there is a giant spider about to attack him!...I thought when I looked at it.  I jumped up in fear and peered over the coffee table and to my dismay realized the situation was far worse than originally thought. It was a giant beetle/scorpion! I didn't even know those existed in Maryland! It wasn't moving though. I squinted.  It was a close call, but luckily it was just a piece of stuffing from the Bru's favorite goose. Phew!


TB said...

Holy hell that's a terrifying photo! I would be scared too! I'm glad it turned out to be a benign bit of fuzz.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

You know my favourite drink is Scottish soda, Irn Bru, so every time I see you mention Bru, I a) get thirsty, and b) think "awww Jules named her puppy after my favourite drink!" Because it's all about ME, Julie darling!

The Adorkable Ditz said...

LOL I hate it when things like that happen. Get scared for no reason.