Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not Wordless Wednesday

I was all set to to a Wordless Wednesday post.  It was going to be something like this.

Writing buddy. 
Oh my god look how cute Brubeck is, and look how I'm posting a silent post and talking about it as always, defeating the purpose of a "wordless" or "silent" post.  No, but seriously look how cute he is. I just sat on the floor and he positioned himself on the couch with his head right on my shoulder while I was writing!

So that was going to be the post.  Until I got a text at 2:42 a.m. last night.  It said:

"Night Note: are your boobs just forb storage"

Drunks!  On a Tuesday night!  That's ok. It was from my friend Newman and he's on vacation with my friend Katie, because they are dating because I introduced them.  It worked out really well.  So first I was like, Damn, I'm freaking tired.  I don't care about boobs right now.  Then I thought about the question. Technically speaking, are boobs just forb storage?

I've scientifically decided the answer is no. For some, maybe.  I on the other hand do not plan to ever store anything in my boobs.  For me, they are there to make my clothes look better...but not that much better because I don't have a lot going on, which really means it's a good thing I don't plan to use them since they wouldn't store much anyway.

More importantly, I feel like a really important curator.  Sort of like whoever overseas "texts from last night." People were drunk last night. Funny things were said. They felt the need to check in with me.  Let me know something noteworthy happened.  Check in with the old "Night Note Curator."  I take the title very seriously.  I'm thinking about putting it on my resume actually.  Maybe my LinkedIn.

On that note, I'm sorry for wasting your time with a fake Wordless Wednesday post.  Here, look at my puppy again.  It's not like you have a choice.

"Puppy Baby!" (Yeah, that might be how I greet him when I get home. *Hangs head in shame.)


Renee said...

My wordless Wednesdays are never wordless either - so I guess that just makes them Wednesdays. And your puppy pictures are way cuter than my post for today.

Colleen said...

Adorable puppy. I'd probably greet him the same way. If he were mine. Since he's not and we've never met, it would be weird.

You should be damn proud to be the Night Note Curator! I would be.

Classy Career Girl said...

Your dog is adorable! Gotta love drunk texts and messages from friends:) What a great idea to write it all down!

loveable_homebody said...

Aw what a sweetie. A nice way to chill after work! Well, you look pretty chilled anyway.

Annah said...

Your dog is the cutest! :)

Also, you're my XXX button holder for the week.

Stephanie Faris said...

Hey, my dog is my writing buddy too! She mostly just lays next to me and sleeps, but I like to think she inspires me somehow.