Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Night at the Dog Park

Friday morning I got up at 5 a.m. to watch the Royal Wedding. (Crazy and uncharacteristic I know.) By noon, I was cranky and tired and longed for an old school Friday night where I would come home, eat Campbell's tomato soup for dinner and watch Indiana Jones II. Only one thing was standing in my way of a night on the couch.  A certain rescue named Brubeck.

As you'll recall, we recently adopted this guy. 

He is an absolute doll but requires serious play time in the evenings to keep him out of trouble. What to do? I had been considering the dog park but was nervous to go for the first time.  Desperate for some chill time after, I decided to give it a go. As we approached the fence, I considered chickening out.  Would the other dogs like Bru? Would they be nice to him? Would he make friends?  What if Bru got into a fight? Worse yet, what if he started it and hurt somebody else?

Young Brubeck made the decision for me. He was so excited I couldn't turn away.  As we entered through the two gates my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking.  Immediately, an enormous husky came in for sniff.  I nearly panicked as Bru tucked his tail between his legs and cowered. Oh dear. I tried to breath deeply and be a confident puppy Mom with a brave face and encourage my boy.  "Go on fella! Go make friends," I said as the huskies Dad came to move him along.  

Bru bee-lined it for a bench where two seventy plus men were sitting and leaped in between them.  I scurried over, shooed him down and they just grumbled at my apology.  I was a little taken back by this. Shouldn't people at the dog park, like dogs?  From there, Bru made his way over to a young couple and sat at their feet.  Well this was getting a little embarrassing.  And pointless. He wasn't burning off any energy. Fortunately, this couple loved him.

Finally, a big Golden Retriever came up and pawed him. They hopped around a little.  Then a super tall Doberman came in for a hello.  Before I knew it, Brubeck was bounding through the huge fenced in field.  It was around this time that I nearly passed out because apparently, I'd been holding my breath.  A woman about my age asked me which one was mine.  I pointed him out and it turned out he was running with her lab mix, and a pitbull mix and the doberman.  I admitted this was our first time and I hoped he would do OK. She and another lady who had the only pup younger than mine just laughed and assured me the dogs love it and need it to behave and not eat your stuff at night.  

Then Bru started to bark.  Oh dear.  The dogs were flying around the field. What should I do?  Was he about to start trouble? Would my baby be hurt? He's only seven months. Is he scared?!?! The other dog Mom's just laughed and said he was fine. He was having a blast. And they were right. I chatted with the other Mom's and decided Bru was done when he first sat on the bench with the Husky Dad and then walked on over to another lady and rolled on his back so she would rub his belly. Charmer I tell you. 

In other Brubeck adventures, he had his first date this weekend, AND went to a bar for the first time! In other words, I went to the Annapolis Food and Wine fest with friends and when we were done with that,  the good people at Stanley and Joseph's didn't mind that Bru and Xena (my friend's Dog) were wrestling on the back patio. 
Seriously, it looks like I photoshopped in those teeth, but I didn't.

My Girls and Me 


The Adorkable Ditz said...

I'm glad you're making friends with the other dog moms :)

TB said...

I have all those same fears, which is probably why I've never taken my 10-year old dog to a dog park. Sounds like Brubeck is a real people-dog; I love that! I would give him a good petting if he jumped on my lap. :)

PorkStar said...

That's a very cute dog and the pic of him wrestling in the back patio with the other dog, scary with those teeth lol

Nice post.