Monday, May 9, 2011

More Adventures in Walks

You might think a walk is a walk, but not in my neighborhood.  After Friday's walking shenanigans I couldn't imagine Saturday could be as adventurous but it was.

First of all, I saw a bunny hopping in the distance.  As we neared, a man in his yard said, "Bunny, are you out again?"  He crouched down low and began to stalk the white and black fur-ball which I then noticed was wearing a pink collar. What?  "Is that your rabbit?" I asked.  He noticed me for the first time and let me know that No, it was his neighbors rabbit and this was the second time it had gotten out today. ---WHAT does this mean?  Do people really put collars on their bunny's? How is this rodent so crafty that it keeps escaping from inside a house?  The man wasn't worried about any of this, just me keeping my puppy away.  Yeah, like that's thats the biggest problem with this scenario.

From there we happened upon a 150 pound Bernese Mountain dog in the school yard field.  It's owner wanted to greet us and before long my boy was tackling her beast of a dog. I love the big gentle giant breeds so it was win win all around.

Next up, we passed through the Navy's stadium parking lot where there was a private party inside.  It seemed the entertainment was warming up outside as a violinist was playing a few notes by his car.  Bru has an endearing way of turning his head to listen intently and the violinist was immediately smitten. He sat down directly in front  of the man and stared with undivided attention while the man played a whole song for us.  The violinist said Bru made his day. The musician was obviously pleased when he discovered my dogs name was Brubeck. Yes, my dog won me a private violin concert performance. What did your dog do for you today?  (Just kidding, I know everyone has fabulous dogs and we all know our own is the best.)

Aside from the normal puppy chewing that is to be expected, there is only one problem with Brubeck.  I wanted a dog that was nice, but looked a little intimidating for protection.  He has a big boy bark already, but people are just drawn to him. He is not intimidating at all. I swear two people at puppy school have said to their annoying dogs, "Why can't you be more like Brubeck?" (I am not making this up.) Everywhere I go people comment on his "sweet face." Maybe that happens to everyone when their dog is still a puppy, but I genuinely think we've got an extraordinary dog here.


The Adorkable Ditz said...

Well I'm glad he's a wonderful dog. Maybe if and I hope that it'll never happen, but if you stumble across a situation where you need protection he'll be man enough to protect his mama. :)

Sandra said...

Ya, Brubeck is seriously cute! I'd walk up to pet him and I'm usually scared of bigger dogs.

Kristin said...

aww, what a cute dog!! people say that my dog has a sweet face also, but then they think she's a boy...even though she has a pink collar and leash...i'm always so confused!

Marsha Sigman said...

He is really cute. I love big dogs. I have English Springers and our vet says they are the largest she has ever seen (not fat but in a good way). They are Texas

Jeremy said...

You know, the irony in all of this is going from your old, "I'm never having children, they scare me" position, I can see you transitioning into mommy-in-waiting.
Deny it all you want, but I am all too familiar with the early onset signs of "the -itis" and you SO have it. BTW all this glee and pride you're feeling about your puppy is like x10 when you have kids. Just funny watching you grow up ;) Miss you.

Stephanie Faris said...

I once had a friend who said he saw a neighbor walking her cat on a leash. I guess you could do that with any pet...but why would you? A neighbor this weekend decided to add a bunny rabbit to his family of four dogs...I've heard rabbits don't make good pets, but I'm not sure why.

Nikki said...

What a sweetheart! Clearly my dogs are worthless.

Although sometimes I hike alone and when people ask to pet them I tell them they're agressive...even if they're not. Don't want to get attacked!