Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hanging with Older People

Saturday had a way of surprising me with it's unexpected ups and downs as days with uncertain plans often do. I have two ailing Grandmother's and on this particular day, the one who normally is not in the best of mental states cheered me right up from my very hard visit with the first. There was karaoke at the Mother's Day lunch we attended at her assisted living. She was all about singing Patsy Clines "Crazy," well after the party ended.  But only the part where she says, "I'm crazy." Grandma thought the louder the better.  The irony of the situation was obvious, but is it wrong to laugh? Sometimes you just go with it and be happy their happy and laugh at the sadness and mentally make note to go check your calendar when you get home to schedule a date when you plan to check out officially some 40-50 years from now. Dramatic? You have no idea.

On the bright side, upon getting back to Annapolis,  I was chilling on the back porch with Bru enjoying a cold beer. (I know you think I only drink wine, but these days I only drink beer, it's weird, I know.)...(Unless I'm at an Assisted Living Mother's Day Brunch, then I drink cheap champagne out of a plastic cup.) Anyway, I've got my beer and my pup and my Whole Foods take out, and my tipsy neighbor peeks her head over the fence like Wilson in that "Home Improvement" show from the 90's and is all, "You HAVE to come to the party!"

I mean, I could see the party going on a few yards away and it did sound pretty fun, but so did sitting on my deck writing. She said the whole neighborhood was there including my mother in law and roomie. (They live right next door. I know, this sounds crazy, but they are REALLY chill and laid back.) I was a little nervous just barging on over because I hadn't RSVP'd and the average age of said party was about 60 and I'm....not. Tipsy neighbor said she was going to do the wave when she got back over there just for me. And she did. And everyone yelled, "HI JULIE!" So then I felt anti-social and bad, and a little creepy like I was spying on them even though I wasn't.

Eventually, my mother in law came home to feed her dogs and get me to go to the party with her.  The first thing that happened was I was handed a shot.  But not just any shot.  A skinny girl margarita shot out of a shot-glass made of ice. Genius. Cold shots and you don't have to clean up the glasses afterwards. Love it.  Then I realized these Baby Boomers were all wasted! Every single one of them.  Next up, they came out with a whole casserole dish of lime with real mint jello-shots.  Why do I always forget people older than me know how to party.  (Seriously, click that link, it's one of my favorite nights ever.) I have a young pup at home and responsibilities and I'm a proper married lady now so I passed up this 2nd shot.  Who am I kidding?  I wanted a romantic night with Hubs and he was due home in about an hour so I didn't want to get wasted AND in front of my MIL at that!

So that is how I found myself at a Baby Boomer party of drunk characters I don't know on a Saturday night.


Jeff said...

The biggest party ever was Woodstock and that was a mere 43 years ago...then we could party for days :-) now we party like there is no tomorrow but it takes us 7 days to recover :-)

Marsha Sigman said...

Ummm, Ditto what Jeff said. That party actually sounded pretty cool.