Thursday, May 12, 2011

Freebie Five (Yes, of course I mean sex.)

Now that I'm married I have lots of important things to tend to like raising a puppy, trying out new recipes, and keeping a clean house. A wise friend of mine recently commented on a  blog that I was growing up and would be catching baby fever soon. Not going to happen.  Since I happened to have just started working on my Freebie Five list, I decided to post it just to help prove him wrong.  How immature is that?! If you don't remember the Friends episode where they decide which celebrities they are allowed to sleep with given the opportunity, well you'll have to youtube "Ross, Isabella Rosselini" yourself for clarification because the video refuses to attach.

I did a little research this week and I have my official first (un-laminated!) list. I still reserve the right to make changes as I mature.  For now, this is my list IN order.

5. Robert Downey, Jr. - He's a classic. You can't go wrong and all your friends would be jealous.  He's dabbled in a little bit of trouble and made an awesome come back. I bet he's polite and opens doors and stuff.

4. Taye Diggs - I've loved him from the first time I saw "Brown Sugar." He dresses well, is a charmer and you know he's got moves. He would definitely open doors.

3. Matthew McConaughey

    Bradley Cooper

Matthew McConaughey - That's a hard decision there, but you can't have both. Brad's funny, but I need somebody a little less conservative and a little more sweaty.  Somebody who is a bit crazy, and maybe has a southern accent in the good way. MM looks good in and out of clothes.  He's probably not going to open any doors, but he might share his banana smoothie with you-post run.

2. Javier Bardem - Where to begin? I was smitten in Vicky, Christina, Barcelona. If that man asked me to go on an airplane to Oviedo, after I'd just met him during dinner in Barcelona,  I would go in a heartbeat! When he came onscreen during Eat, Pray, Love, my girls and I began to just giggle. Definite door opener.

1. Vin Diesel - I know! Who am I? This is blatant, "insanely deep voice, look at those muscles, you're not even that attractive at all, but your muscles are so very big and large and I would just like to see what you would do to me," sexual attraction. (Whoah, did this just turn into that kind of blog? Oops.) In all seriousness, (because this IS a very serious topic here) skip forward to about the 2:03 mark to witness the precise moment my infatuation with Dominic Toretto began. And here is the pic too. Oh, and he might open your car door.

WOW! Right? No? Whatever, this is MY list.  You go make your own list, then come back and post a comment so we can all judge each other.

Speaking of judging, the same wise friend who said I was growing up also poked fun at the likely fact that Snooki would be attracted to Dominic Toretto. (Because let's be honest, it's the character and the attitude that I adore. I know nothing of actual Vin D.) In my defense, I'm not typically attracted to the "juice head" stereotype and also, there are a lot worse things I could be compared to Snooki for doing in my day.

To further the judgment, I got my friend Kristen in on the act and we decided it was perfectly acceptable to each have a "Cougar Bonus," not included in our five.

Mine is Zac Efron. What? Judge away.


Kristen said...

This game was REALLY fun!

Matthew McConaughey is definitely attractive...I feel that he might smell like patchouli though.

Mandy_Fish said...

Ha! I love the Cougar Bonus!

Javier is really something else. Hoo boy. I love that movie, Vicky Christina Barcelona.

I would add: Liam Neeson.

asj said...

cougar bonus, I LOVE IT. I literally laughed out loud!

Colleen said...

I am SUCH a Friends dork. The second I read the title of your post I thought, "I wonder if she's going to laminate it?"

MacGyver and I talk about our lists all the time, just random "Oh, yeah, s/he is on my list." comments, but we haven't set anything down on paper.

My list seems to be a one of Doom: Heath Ledger (deceased), Val Kilmer (old and overweight), etc.

I was completely in love with Robert Downey Jr. when he was on Ally McBeal, but I was sooooo mad at him when his drug habit resulted in the removal of his character. I'm not ready to forgive him for that just yet.

TB said...

Not a bad list! Although, Bradley Cooper definitely makes mine. I've got him, Ryan Reynolds, Taye Diggs, Bryan Williams (I have a thing for newscasters), and Ed Burns.

I wrote a guest post about this exact same thing a while back, and how it can go horribly wrong. Check it out:

(Sorry, I can't remember how to make it a link)

Renee said...

I freaking LOVE Zac Efron. I'm probably about 5 years older than him, but even still I feel like such a creepy old lady.

Kristen said...

Blogger ate my first comment--this makes me sad.

So I will say again...Matthew McConaughey probably smells like patchouli. Bradley Cooper....hmm, Old Spice maybe?

Colleen said...

I am totally with you on that Vin Deisel moment.

I gave you an award over at Cheap Wine and Cookies:

jill hamilton said...

So if it comes down to it, I get Javier then. Agreed?


Sandra said...

K, now I'm horny...and my husband won't be home for hours!

Cluttered Brain said...

Holy Hell.
Those are hot guys...
I love the fact that Matthew M is listed twice...
And Van diesel is so HOT with his muscles...
muscles are so hot....