Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who's Your Lobster?

Monday in Annapolis, Maryland graced us with a temperature of 79 degrees.  My foodie husband and our foodie friends decided to take advantage and grill out. These guys don't do anything the traditional way and it's standard procedure that when Nat and Kurt get in the kitchen, Kristi and I tend to drinking, watching chick flicks on the couch and discussing serious topics such as "should I get feather extensions?" (Answer: Yes, obviously.)

Like typical children bursting with energy on the first day of warm weather, Kristi and I tired of TV and obnoxiously saying "Guacamole,"but pronouncing it " ha-wuakamole" over and over again pretty quickly when it occurred to us that the boys had mentioned lobster.  We peaked into the kitchen demanded the lobsters be set free!

Insert, "He's her lobster" jokes here. 
I expected them to make a run for it, but they just kind of sat there. Fairly anti-climatic, but also low maintenance which gave me an idea. I told Nat maybe we could just have a Lobster for a pet instead of a dog just to see how we did. He wanted to eat our new prospective pet though.

Like I said, the husband-folk wanted to grill. There came a time when something had to be done.  You can't just put a lobster on a grill.  Kristi and I said our final goodbyes and darted back into the living room hiding under pillows and loudly singing "LA LA LA LA LA" while Kurt... took care of the situation.

How is it, that he's actually kind of cute?
It was not ideal and I did feel guilty about the whole thing.  That lob definitely knew what was up and he thrashed his big claws once he was on the (ahem) chopping block, but Kurt took care of it as quickly as possible.  Once I saw the lobster on the grill with corn, and then plated,  I got over it.  Lobster is delicious! Thanks little buddy!

Yay, brightly colored food. That means it's healthy, right?

Serving it up family style with pork tenderloin on a bed of shredded, sauteed, brussel sprouts.)

Looking a bit tired, post allergy attack and sans make-up with glasses but I still want to remember this night.

Normal: Hubs with his nose in a wine glass.
Not Normal: Chris is a ghost now? That's new.


TB said...

I love and adore lobster, but I could never bring myself to prepare it. Why does something so delicious have to be...alive? :(

Stephanie Faris said...

That was one thing from Julie and Julia that made me cringe. I can do many things in the name of learning to cook but I can NOT kill a lobster. I would be SO freaked out!

Kristen said...

::runs away from Julie's blog crying::

Wynn said...

I can't believe that you hung out with your food before you killed it and ate it. If I didn't have a reason not to eat shellfish before, I do now.

I mean, I got nothing to add.

Anonymous said...

that last picture is creepy...