Thursday, April 28, 2011

What my kmart purchase says about me

That's right.  I was shopping at kmart for essentials on my lunch break. I do it routinely not because they always have exactly what I need unlike the trusty land of Target, but because it is one parking lot away from my office.  I always leave annoyed but when the chick with (faded) hot pink hair on the end of her brassy bleached hair connected to her 1/2 inch dark brown roots commented on my dog chew toy,  my $50.43 purchase said a lot about me. Let's take a look.

Lightbulbs :  She's got a light out.

Mascara : She cares about her appearance. (and doesn't feel like going to sephora to get her favorite mascara.)

Fluffy Pink Flip Flop Style Slippers : What is the point of flip flop slippers, one might wonder? I too used to be infuriated by this concept.  Then I got a house with a basement full of sweet hiding spots for killer wolf spiders.  Hense the cozy summer slippers.

Aquify Contact Solution : Girl can't see well without aid.

Men's Boxer Briefs : She has a fellow she likes to keep in nice underwear...that she buys at kmart??? Ok, in my defense they were a steal at 4 for $10.49! You can't pass up that Fruit of a Loom.

Sturdy Stuffie Dog Toy with Squeaker :  Girlfriends dog likes to chew things.  She's a pushover because she voluntarily buys him things with annoying squeakers in them.

Two (2) packages of Goldfish Crackers : She needed a little crunch with her lunch and they were on sale. EVERYBODY needs a little crunch with their lunch!

So there you have it. That is how I blew $50.43 at kmart in a matter of 20 minutes on basically, nothing.


TB said...

THANK YOU for explaining the slippers! I may actually go pick some up myself now, because I am constantly shaking things out before I put them on for fear of spider attack.

Anonymous said...

Crunchies with lunchies. Yummy!