Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The much anticipated "Wedding Night Note Story"

Wasn't it much anticipated? No. We'll here it is anyway.

I stressed for weeks about the seating chart at the wedding.  It actually was not until the morning of the wedding that it was completed.  The main problem was that one table was slightly secluded from the rest of the room. They could still see all the action, but I was afraid those people will feel like they were the black sheep.  In the end, we decided everyone would understand and it was what it was. We still numbered the table as "Table 2" so they would feel good about having a high number.

Everyone was happily seated when before long someone at Table 2 pointed out their predicament. After sizing each other up, they in fact decided there was a reason they were quarantined from the rest and determined they must live up to their reputation.  After getting to know one another they soon became rowdy and other guests took time to visit their table to see what was going on in the private VIP room. (Ok, maybe I'm pushing it.) Even though not everyone at Table 2 knew each other initially, by the end of the night they were great friends and got together to write Nat and me this story:

Once upon a time, under clear blue skies, Julie and Nat got married. Later that day..., they sat us all at Table 2. An unrealized mistake on their part for as it happened... Table 2 had ingested some bubbly liquid in Nat and Julie's honor which made them... Somewhat gassy. "Uh oh," said Pam, I think I may have over done the... Lipgloss. "Not to worry," said Kristi, "You can" ... "Just pretend you are Snookie and say 'Smoosh, Smoosh!' No one will know"... So the lipgloss debacle was over, but ... there was still the issue of *creamed corn to be settled.  "Well, at least I'm looking fiiiiine," said Kurt. ...Kurt looked off into the sunset with his round eyes, beady and black with the accumulated knowledge of his endless life. "It's done," he said with an odd smile. "It's done."  The End.

Kristen telling us a story has been written!

Laughing at our story.

What does it all mean?  How did they turn it into a madlib style story when when they wrote it from scratch? We'll never know, but I love them all the more for it! Love you Table 2! You go down in Julie/Nat Wedding history!

 (*we did NOT have creamed corn at our wedding for the record!!!)


Jess said...

Yeah I was gonna ask about that until I saw at the end you mentioned it. I was thinking to myself - who has creamed corn at a wedding? lol

TB said...

That's a...random story! Clearly, you stuck all the weirdos at Table 2. Next time you get married (hardy-har-har), you need to put the most important people the parents or siblings, to counteract the poor table location. That way, nobody will think those are the outcasts.

...sorry if that was a weird comment, I'm drinking. :)

Colleen said...

I WAS a little curious about the creamed corn thing. That is great! Sounds like you picked just the right people to seat there!

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Well at least table two weren't like table 9 in The Wedding Singer - "the Ugly people who'd never find love" table. :)