Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Doggie Cycle is Real

(Disclaimer: This post makes me cry so skip if you're not in the mood and I promise to post the Wedding Night Note Story this weekend! You'll laugh and stop being annoyed at me for being ridiculous I promise!)

Some might think it is ridiculous to stress to get a dog or not as much as I have. I know it's not a baby, but it's a huge commitment and I take it seriously. Just as seriously as I my freedom to randomly take day trips or occasionally stay up until 4 a.m. with my friends taking Night Notes and sleeping until noon. If we're going to be one hundred percent honest a big part of it is the doggie cycle.  It starts with that first dog.   When he dies your heart breaks and you keep expecting him to come around the corner and he doesn't. To heal your aching soul, you distract yourself with another. And then 55 years from now you find yourself dogless and can't get a new dog because you're going to die soon and you'll outlive this next dog and he'll wonder why you left him like Bear wondered in Sweet Home Alabama when Reese Witherspoon moved to NYC and he just didn't know what he did wrong.

Yes, I'm a complete nut job.  Or just someone who loves dogs so much I'm terrified of the loss. In my life, I have outlived two amazing Great Pyrenees dogs.   Holding back on getting another dog protects me from that pain again.  However, we are approved to adopt the dog I fell in love with last weekend. All that needs to happen is for Nat to meet him and fall in love too, which I'm terrified of happening. I switch from ecstatically excited to sick with nerves on our pending decision.  Non animal lovers will find this to be a silly and ridiculous post but I'd like to hear from some readers. Advice. Thoughts? Pro/Cons I hadn't considered.

Two years ago I wrote this after waking from a dream about my dog who died many years ago.

Soulful, brown eyes stared through the glass door at me with all the wisdom in the world.  Four paws slowly carried his large frame a little closer. “Please don’t go,” I whispered as I slowly opened the door knowing he shouldn't really be there.  My hand remembered the shape of the top of his furry head as I reached out to him and it felt exactly as it had six years ago and the thirteen years before that. I wrapped my arms around all hundred and twenty pounds of his body and he leaned into me as he always had.  He was so warm. I buried my face into his snow-white fur and sobbed. His doggie smell was exactly the same.

I woke early this morning with tears streaming down my cheeks and the familiar smell of the family dog lost years ago fresh in my mind. I don’t recall ever having a dream so vivid…or out of nowhere.  These early morning thoughts leave me remembering how hard it is to lose an animal and reluctant for the puppy we’ve been talking about. 

 Ok, Ok, let's lighten the mood a little. Enjoy one the best movies lines of recent times~


Mrs. Tuna said...

Dogs can be the greatest gift and the greatest sadness. Loved them all.

TB said...

I know I'm too late to offer advice since you already got the dog and all (sorry, been out of town), but I just wanted to jump in and say that I think you did the right thing!

Yes, a dog will change your life in a HUGE way. You can't just go away for the weekend anymore, you can't be gone from the house for 8 hours a day without making some sort of arrangement, you will spend more than you ever expected on vet bills, and there is always the looming thought that one day your K9 friend will die.

However, despite all those reasons not to have a dog, the unconditional love you give and receive is worth it all in the end. Also, dogs are a very good way to ease yourself into parenthood. Having a child and having a kid aren't as different as you may think!

If I could offer you one word of advice about your new dog, it's to train him well. Having a poorly trained dog does not work well with having a baby--I know from experience. Our oldest dog was 7 years old by the time The Kid came around, and he wasn't about to stop barking at the mailman every day just because some wrinkly little pink thing was sleeping. Even if you aren't thinking of kids for a long time, if you're thinking of having them at all, make sure you keep that in mind as you're showing Brubeck the ropes.

Can't wait to see what sort of adventures you all have together! :)

Anonymous said...

I can feel your pain, when our Rottweiler died several years ago, it just wasn't the same.