Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life is good!

I know you're just interested in official wedding photo's and that post should come in the next two weeks or so because I'm waiting for the good stuff for the BIG reveal.

However, life does go on and to be honest, it IS quite shocking.  I didn't painstakingly plan lots of tiny details, but post wedding depression I've found is a real thing. For the most part, I'm busy giggling over saying "husband" and "remember that time we got married," and being stoked to come home and snuggle in bed watching The Cosby Show, (our new favorite past time) but I have definitely been overwhelmed by it just being over.  Personally, I had been so excited to see everyone I love all in one room together for so long and it was so amazing that sometimes I wake up and just can't believe we already did it!  I guess all brides experience this?

On the VERY bright side, we are leaving in a week for our "mini-moon."  We decided to wait and take bigger honeymoon this time next year, but for now, we're headed south for a week of rest and relaxation.

Today's to do list, (we all know how I love lists!) includes, but is not limited to:

In other things to look forward to, there IS a Night Note from the wedding coming! No, I didn't take the time to write things down, but there was a table at our wedding called "Table 2" that will forever go down in history for various reasons.  That story later!

Ok, Ok, here's another little mini-preview-tease.  Please note the KILLER shoes!
Hee hee.  Bride tank and robe! What?!?

Remember I mentioned the amazing sun we had that day? I wasn't kidding!

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Chapter Two said...

so happy for you. I didn't feel a down after our wedding but it was the middle of winter and we had to go from MN where we got married back to CO where we were living... it was all very distracting.

Excited to see the photos and love that you are enjoying things. Remember wheat is ok now (like picking up his crap) won't be 15 yrs from now (That is how long I have been doing this thing) so set the standard now......harsh? I'm not kidding