Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 things to know about honeymoons..

...or mini-moons. Or life.

1.  Going places during the "off" season is good. Who likes other people? NOT me.

2.  If you're into good food, (but like, for real good food, "Apple Bees" and "Olive Garden"or ANY chain do not count) if the wine list isn't good, the food won't be either. Ie:, FROZEN veggies.

3.  You can knock out a lot of good books and rack up a lot of good hours sleeping...and also, "sleeping."  Happy.

4.  If you have had a massage, and your husband-friend has not, you should be more clear on "they will massage everything" during your couples massage lest confusion/alarm may ensue.  (IE, they WILL touch your bare butt, hee hee hee.)

5.  When you finally find a respectable place to dine, and opt for the seven course wine paired dinner, do NOT choose to mention you are on your "honeymoon" after the fact.  Otherwise, you may find yourself somehow with an impromptu complimentary champagne course when you have no business consuming anything for the next um...lot of hours.

6.  Even if you have had like nineteen courses of wine and food, and put on all the clothes you packed, (ALL of them) going for a walk on windy beach with a glass of beer is still going to leave you chilled and running for cover even though you swore you wouldn't be cold at all.

7. That is all.

8.  Yes. The million course wine meal is still in effect.  I could post pics of the sunset on the sound or of the fab food pics I took, but I can't. All the steps, OMG the steps.

9.  Also, million course wine meals are interesting after not drinking for 4 four months to assure looking good in the "big white dress."

10.  Good night.

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Wynn said...

It's after those cold walks with a glass of beer, that hot showers are the best. Love it. As long as it's warm enough inside, that is.