Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is why I'm (not) Hot

It's a proven fact that you get a better workout in when you're wearing cute workout clothes.  Not only was I stoked to be wearing my new Nike's to the gym for the first time, but it seemed fitting that "Let's Dance" was playing on the radio when I was on the way to "Cardio Dance Party."

I've never purchased black gym shoes before, but it's always this huge ordeal finding the pair that feels good and looks cute, so I just gave up this time and bought the first pair that felt right. They happened to be jet black with neon green accents. Oh well.

Once changed, I discovered that my white ankle socks came looked really nerdy with my new black shoes. Which also clashed with my blue yoga pants. That I had somehow managed to pair with a grey, "Work Hard, Play Hard," tank.  Oh, and I've got five extra pounds of honeymoon weight right on my thighs. (But more on that later.)

While I can rock out to some "Zumba," "Cardio Dance Party" is a lot more hip hop and a lot less Latin which seems to be my strong point when dancing.  So, there I am in my dork clothes, flailing about trying "get that dirt off my shoulder" and this 50 year old woman with a perfect waist, luscious brown hair and rhythm in front of me is killing it!  But not only that, she is invading my territory. I did my best to shoot "get out of my dance space daggers" at her in the mirror, but it's really not that effective in a get-up such as mine.

Let's take a look shall we?

This is really what I look like in the class.  I swear I'm much better at Zumba. 

Do you think my socks are sexy? Do they even sell black gym socks for girls?

Might look OK if it weren't for the sock factor.  (Also, might not.)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 things to know about honeymoons..

...or mini-moons. Or life.

1.  Going places during the "off" season is good. Who likes other people? NOT me.

2.  If you're into good food, (but like, for real good food, "Apple Bees" and "Olive Garden"or ANY chain do not count) if the wine list isn't good, the food won't be either. Ie:, FROZEN veggies.

3.  You can knock out a lot of good books and rack up a lot of good hours sleeping...and also, "sleeping."  Happy.

4.  If you have had a massage, and your husband-friend has not, you should be more clear on "they will massage everything" during your couples massage lest confusion/alarm may ensue.  (IE, they WILL touch your bare butt, hee hee hee.)

5.  When you finally find a respectable place to dine, and opt for the seven course wine paired dinner, do NOT choose to mention you are on your "honeymoon" after the fact.  Otherwise, you may find yourself somehow with an impromptu complimentary champagne course when you have no business consuming anything for the next um...lot of hours.

6.  Even if you have had like nineteen courses of wine and food, and put on all the clothes you packed, (ALL of them) going for a walk on windy beach with a glass of beer is still going to leave you chilled and running for cover even though you swore you wouldn't be cold at all.

7. That is all.

8.  Yes. The million course wine meal is still in effect.  I could post pics of the sunset on the sound or of the fab food pics I took, but I can't. All the steps, OMG the steps.

9.  Also, million course wine meals are interesting after not drinking for 4 four months to assure looking good in the "big white dress."

10.  Good night.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

And the mini-moon starts...with a LIE!!!

Before we get to how Nat LIED to me, I'll clarify how the term mini-moon came about and why it's actually a week long. We initially planned to take just a few days right after the wedding and go somewhere local.  Mini-moon! We would take a more adventurous honeymoon in a few months.  Then Nat's wine rep friend offered his Outer Banks house for us for a week for free.  We both love the Outer Banks so it was perfect for us to do this now and take a year to decide where we want to go next.  Added bonus?  If we keep the name mini-moon, then we have our (ok, another) honeymoon to look forward to next February.  Italy? Spain? Who knows!  Decisions are hard.  Anyway....

We left Annapolis at 2 o'clock yesterday hoping to beat the Hampton Roads traffic in Virginia. EPIC fail.  Northern Virginia was a nightmare instead.  We were so delayed at the beginning of our trip we made a romantic 45 minute honeymoon pit stop in Target to kill time. (You're supposed to make everything romantic on your honeymoon right?) Smart move because we then sailed into Norfolk, VA,  and had a late dinner with Nat's Dad where I got to see the house where he grew up.  The town was adorable and nothing like what I expected. 

On the road again, we arrived in the Outer Banks around 11 p.m. Friday night.  We checked out our new digs,  opened a few beers and took a late night walk on the beach immediately.  Crazy big moon shadows.  Sometime around 2 a.m. Nat decided he wanted to get in the hot tub on the deck.  I was exhausted.  Having seen one too many horror movies, I was also not keen on the idea of Nat going alone.  I made him PROMISE to not go while I was asleep.  

When he came to bed around 6 a.m. ish, he said, "Man,  I want to get the hot tub."  While he brushed his teeth, it occurred to me that we might be able to watch a killer sunrise from the hot tub, so I got up to investigate.  As I opened one of our many sliding glass doors, I realized the not only was the sun pretty much up, but the rug seemed suspiciously cold.  Looking down I realized it just cold, it was wet!  And were those water foot prints?  

"YOU WENT IN THE HOT TUB!!!" I said as he lazily climbed in bed.

"What?" he replied.

"You did,... didn't you?"

"I don't know what your talking about."

"I was going to be all romantic and suggest we watch the sunrise and you already did."

"What's a hot tub?"  (Note by this point he actually never once has said that he did not get in.)

"The rug by the door is wet.  You LIED to me! You even pre-meditated a guilt trip and pretended you were waiting patiently for me!"

At this point he confessed his evil deed but also pointed out the fact that never actually said he didn't get in.  He had thrown his bathing suit under a chair, wouldn't reveal where he had hidden his guilty wet towel and consciously not turned on the jets in efforts to never be found out! Eh, I think I'll keep him anyway. 

Yesterday's morning walk.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wedding Pic

Just one for now!  We're leaving tomorrow after work to go on our mini-moon and I've got to pack and eat some corned beef and cabbage tonight.  More later!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Silent Sunday

Coming out of the "post wedding depression...."

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life is good!

I know you're just interested in official wedding photo's and that post should come in the next two weeks or so because I'm waiting for the good stuff for the BIG reveal.

However, life does go on and to be honest, it IS quite shocking.  I didn't painstakingly plan lots of tiny details, but post wedding depression I've found is a real thing. For the most part, I'm busy giggling over saying "husband" and "remember that time we got married," and being stoked to come home and snuggle in bed watching The Cosby Show, (our new favorite past time) but I have definitely been overwhelmed by it just being over.  Personally, I had been so excited to see everyone I love all in one room together for so long and it was so amazing that sometimes I wake up and just can't believe we already did it!  I guess all brides experience this?

On the VERY bright side, we are leaving in a week for our "mini-moon."  We decided to wait and take bigger honeymoon this time next year, but for now, we're headed south for a week of rest and relaxation.

Today's to do list, (we all know how I love lists!) includes, but is not limited to:

In other things to look forward to, there IS a Night Note from the wedding coming! No, I didn't take the time to write things down, but there was a table at our wedding called "Table 2" that will forever go down in history for various reasons.  That story later!

Ok, Ok, here's another little mini-preview-tease.  Please note the KILLER shoes!
Hee hee.  Bride tank and robe! What?!?

Remember I mentioned the amazing sun we had that day? I wasn't kidding!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Remember that time I got married?!?!

"You're so calm you're making me nervous," my friend Kristi said as she curled my hair.

We were in the bridal suite casually chatting with my Mom, sister and two of my best friends whilst sipping champagne. The windows were open and the sun was shining in so brightly, it even seemed happy! Nat was sending up clementines for me to snack on and April was sending down wedding rings ect., to the room below.  What was there to be nervous about?

I can't describe how brilliant the sun was as we met outside with our amazing photographer Jason for our "first look."  The Antrim 1844 was full of fabulous photo ops and the only dilemma was which ones to use. We could see our friends starting to enter the main house and I guessed some others might be watching us from the rooms within. Let's just say Nat doesn't love having his photo taken but we had lots to talk about considering it was "go time" in less than an hour and Jason was so fun and casual, he made it easy!

Though I always cry or my mouth shakes violently as I try to smile walking down the aisle at the many weddings I've been in, I managed to keep it together at my own.  Honestly, I was so ecstatic I probably would have skipped down that aisle had I had the sense to plan it out with my Dad! My best friends husband played the music, one of Nat's best friends married us and only 50 of our most closest friends and family that we both know attended.  There was no one there that one of us didn't know and it was exactly like I imagined it never could be!

We laughed during the ceremony and fumbled over words.  Danny broke into the Rhythm of Love by "The Plain White T's" as we walked back down the aisle and were immediately presented with champagne.  There was no need for anyone to relocate yet as champagne and hors d'oeuvres immediately appeared in the room for everyone else.  In what seemed like no time we were escorted to the main dining room for a six course dinner.  We have eccentric tastes in food and at first we worried people wouldn't like it, but in the end decided to do it anyway because it was our wedding and we wanted to share what we love with everyone! We heard only compliments and no one appeared to leave hungry so it seems to have been a hit.

Nat and I agreed early in our planning that we wanted to have a sweetheart table and I'm so glad we did.  We talked to each other, but found ourselves just watching everyone else in awe.  What is it about watching the people you love all in one room getting to know each other? My cheeks hurt from smiling only halfway through the night!

After dinner we had another treat in mind.  Not only is Nat a wine connoisseur, but so are many of our friends. We ventured downstairs to the wine cellar for wine samplings and cheese platters.  It was dark, slightly chilly and super romantic.  (The many, many layers of my dress kept me very warm though!)

Just like everyone said, the dream was quickly over.  I still can't believe we did it!  So many told us to just sit back and take it all in and we definitely did. 

I'm waiting for official professional shots to post, but here is the tiniest of  previews!