Monday, February 21, 2011

a lull in the action, until...

In the last blog, I had gotten a little action from Nat.  I really liked him, but the ideal of "self-preservation" was like my bible.  I wasn't going to call him, but when he didn't call me, I wasn't going to mope about it either.  We had just shared a fun kiss so their was no reason for the girls and I not to frequent Harry Browne's every weekend as per usual. 

Sometime that summer Nat and I met up for drinks. There were other people there.  After, he walked me to my car, shut the door and walked away. W.T.F.?!?! What had just happened?  Were we officially in friend territory?  Was he playing game?  Oh, I can play a game! (Wait are we playing a game, or does he just not like me?)

I slipped into old habits, IE; seeing people I probably shouldn't have, but liked and had fun with, and I'm pretty sure Nat was doing the same/taking care of unfinished business himself.  It was summer.  Things in the summer should be light hearted right?

One night towards the end of August after the girls and I had been to HB's, Nat called me in the wee hours of the morning after he had left work.  He wanted me to come over.  In a risky move, I went downstairs to wait for him to pick me up.  I really liked him and didn't want him to get the wrong impression but my want to spend time with him overruled.  Much like "The Situation" puts his lady friends conquests in his pajamas, I was soon in Nat's and while there was significant kissing, the pajamas stayed on.  Thinking I had played my card right, I still almost wrote Nat off entirely when things did not progress yet again.

Was he just looking for sex? Did he think I was a tease?  What was his deal? Having decided to not worry about boys at all for a while I hung out with my girls. Maybe still seeing "Casual Boy," on the side was keeping me from moving on.  That's not to say we stopped going to HB's all together of course.  I wanted to stay on Nat's radar.

One night, Nat asked me to go to the movies with him later in the week.  I said, "No."  It was a scary movie and I really just didn't want to see it! (And besides, I couldn't have him thinking I would hang out with him only on his terms.)  As we left that night, he called after me, "I'll see you Tuesday." I looked at my friend Chrissi and said, "Mark my words. I'm not going."

Tuesday came and Nat called and told me he was coming to get me.  I truly had not planned on going out with him.  Fortunately, he didn't take "No" for an answer.  Standard dinner/movie date, but from that night on, we went out every night he had off, and I ended up back at his house every weekend.

A slow blooming romance it was, but it was perfectly "us."  While I do think love at first sight is a great story I love that ours is not one.  Our friends joke that we were both so into "the game" they don't know how we ever ended up together.   Fortunately, we did.  


Renee said...

Non-traditional love stories are the best! It was meant to be.

FreeFlying said...

I love love LOVE a sweet man who can also bully you a little!