Friday, February 4, 2011

Julie VS "Her Inner Monica"

When I arrived home last night, there were three big packages on my doorstop.  I brought them inside and stared at them.  They were clearly gifts off of our bridal registry and I wanted to open them immediately. It was 6:30 and Nat would not be home until 10:30...four hours. Could I really wait that long?

I thought of Monica on Friends when she opened ALL the gifts without Chandler. That wasn't nice.  Let's be honest. I had a pretty good idea what was in those boxes.  I had glimpsed at the registry the day prior, but only because I was taking something off and adding something different. Swears! I did not however have ANY idea who the packages were from and honestly, that was just as exciting!

Maybe I could just open one box?  After much consideration I sent the following text to Nat:

We got packages! Want me to open them to tell you what is inside so you don't have to wait in agony until you get home!?! (I also included a picture for emphasis to really spike his curiosity!)

When he did not respond immediately, I sent another:
I know I would not want anyone to be in suspenseful agony!

He did not respond. ON PURPOSE! When he got home hours later, with smug smile he said, "You didn't open them!" I tackled him and told him how hard it had been and how I had looked at those boxes a lot in the last four hours and we must open them straight way!!!

Place settings, wine glasses and decanters galore from his aunt and uncle! After I reveled in our new dishes and Nat happily inspected the wine stuff, we piled all the giant bubble wrap in the biggest box and jumped in it together!  Clearly, just as much fun as our new house stuff!

Getting married is fun!  I think everyone should do it!

Monica Opens The Gifts!


Renee said...

That took some will power. You're my hero!

Elizabeth said...

How awesome! :-)

Happy Friday! :-) Hope you had a great week! Stop on by my blog for my Valentine's Day GIVE-A-WAY!!

Nicki said...

Congratulations! I applaud you for waiting. I don't think I could have done that!!

Stephanie Faris said...

The first time I got married, I got a ton of gifts...not so many the second time. I can see why!

I gave you an award:

Megan said...

I'm officially impressed you didn't open them - I'm not sure I could have waited!

Cathy said...

Wow, now that is impressive. Yay for gifts!

Anonymous said...

What a fun story and Congratulations!

Paige said...

and you thought you were like monica...that took some will power!

FreeFlying said...

I do NOT know how you did it. We got two Kindles in the mail for Christmas a while back and I couldn't resist opening mine while Isaac was still at work. Then, even though it was abundantly clear that Isaac had received the exact same gift as me (from HIS dad, no less) I went ahead and opened his up. Just in case it was actually different and I wanted to switch them out.