Thursday, February 3, 2011

It wasn't a forgotten Night Note

What seems like a long time ago, (because I had the flu for many, many days) there was a Night Note. And I never posted it. But alas, I am almost fully recovered, so we may now cover last Tuesday night.

Nat and I had a romantic dinner and briefly discussed our still not yet planned honeymoon. (It's so hard to decide! It hurts my brain.) Then we met up with Katie and Neman for beverages late night at Treaty of Paris. From there it was standard procedure in that Newman and I made fun of each other all night, followed by Nat and Newman reminising about old times, while Katie and I made fun of people who ask you questions and then turn away and don't listen to the answer. NOT a story for another day because its stupid and boring. Anyway, here are the Notes of the Night.

01/25/2011  Treaty of Paris

Newman: You're a both eye winker...also known as a blinker.
Julie: Finding Newman
Newman:  myfaceisdrunk @ ***
Julie: That IS a hot mess

In other news, before I had fallen ill, I'd started the working on thesecond part of the tale of Nat and me.  I'm not sure that it's all interesting or funny, but I'm working on it.  It's coming.

*** I have no idea if that is a real website or not and refuse any to take any responsibility for anything that may happen if you go to it. Or email it or whatever.


Multi-Colored Sprinkles said...

Cant wait to read the rest of the story! I am excited for you

Anonymous said...

Yay for stories! Can't wait!

Have a good day!

FreeFlying said...

Honeymoon!!! We didn't even go on one. Can you believe it?!? Too much pressure and we both froze. But I'm excited about yours!!! I can't wait to hear what you choose.