Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I cook...but don't tell anyone.

Well friends, we are on the homestretch! Big white dress day is fast approaching.  The favors are finished, the seats are settled and the hair is highlighted!

I know most of you enjoy coming here to read stories about a girl who is basically a hot mess and has to write things down on napkins so as not to forget the happenings of an evening out on the town.  That's not going to change all together, but there's no hiding the fact that I've happily mellowed in the last year or so. I've deliberately spent more time devoted to my creative side and less time on hangover recovery and content is an understatement on how I feel about this.

On the topic of cooking, I do have some staples such as crock pot chicken, corned beef and cabbage, split pea and ham soup, southern comfort mashed sweet potatos, and a few others, but mostly since Nat and I don't usually get to eat dinner together, I call the local salad bar my dinner most night. 

Last week, I impulse purchased Rachel Ray's magazine in hopes of finding some quick healthy meals and pretending to be a cute and proper wife type in the near future. (Which by no stretch of the imagination should you take that be mean I'll be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen ever!)  I found this recipe and it looked so easy I couldn't resist trying it out straight away! Nat and I both loved it.  Go ahead! Click the link.  You won't be sorry.

Pork, Apple and Cheddar Meatballs (Oh, and I'm not suggesting this is or is not actually healthy)

Ok, domestic housewife stuff is over.  I know why you all come here!  Just to satisfy the need, please enjoy this undated, uncredited, sephia'd (to make it appear older than it really is) photo of our night time shenanigans! You're welcome.

Now, go ahead and caption it yourself since I'm not offering an explanation.


The Vegetable Assassin said...

I always find if I cook a tasty meal one night, I have no desire to do it again for a few after. :) I rely on leftovers or something quick the day after. I like home cooking but I hate cooking. It's a chore most of the time. I need to take a leaf out of Jules' book. :)

Renee said...

I like cooking, but I rarely get to cook anything fun because of my schedule. Since I work 3-11, & DJ isn't able to cook for himself, I have to cook dinner in the morning before work. And since I love to sleep late, I stick to things that can be done from start to finish in less than an hour. It's really limited me. Even though Rachael (who I love!) has great 30 minute recipes, I'm also limited by the fact that I can't shop for fresh produce every single day.

Dani said...

Caption: "Drunk boy falls on top of friends while trying to jump over them military obstacle course style"

Was I close?

jules said...

Dani- I love it! Looks about right to me!

Nicki said...

Caption: In hindsight, we should have predicted that our game of imaginary Twister would turn into an impromptu breakdancing contest.

(Adorable blog, by the way)

((and that recipe looks delicious))