Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wedding Rings and Night Notes

I am one who has never wanted a big wedding, nor the hassles and stresses of planning all the minor details of one.  I don't believe I manifested trouble because I went into my planning stages very light-heartedly, but I had big issues with the only things I did have to plan initially including the venue, dress and shoes.  The most important things!  Well, the time to hesitate is through and my brain suddenly turned into a bride's brain and I'm experiencing what Kristen's mom calls "The Wedding Frenzy."  I've got tons ideas and not a lot of time to make them happen.  But I'm still going to! (That last sentence is a grammar enthusiasts nightmare!)

Nat and I went to pick up our wedding bands on Tuesday.  I was so excited that I suggested we go out to dinner and wear them! (Don't even try to give me some that's bad luck nonsense, because I don't believe in that!)  We had sushi and champagne at our favorite restaurant downtown and then met up with Katie and Newman for drinks. Funny things were said. Obviously.  We like to make fun of each other.

Night Notes at Castle Bay

Newman: P does not love J and N.
Nat: I look really slim in this shirt in the changing mirror in the bathroom.
Katie: You can baby proof!
Julie: I can't even Julie-proof!

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The Leigh said...

Mark wanted to smack me when I tried on my band a lot hahaha! It was made with my ring so I had it from the get go and it was in the same box. I would try it on before bed before he came up ahahaha! Matt wrapped Sarahs band in Xmas paper so she couldnt try it on anymore ahahahaha :o)