Saturday, January 1, 2011

Camera Karma II

You may remember this brief post from slightly over a year ago.  Well, it's happening again. As much as I love my Canon camera, it is BIG and cumbersome and not for random nights out. I needed something tiny and cool.  If I have learned anything from the ever influential Ashton Kutcher it's that the Nikon CoolPix camera is what I needed in my possession.  For Christmas this year, that's just what I got!

The only problem is, I'm afraid to take that first shot.  My sister was all, "Oh, you're doing that again?  Just take a picture!" And risk ruining my camera karma?!?!  Unheard of! I scoffed and and told her everybody knows about camera karma and you have to be very careful with that first shot.  She's actually a very good photographer so maybe I'm being slightly superstitious, but I don't what to take any chances.  So until further notice, here is me with my camera.

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loveable_homebody said...

Thanks for the tip! I want to get a digital camera at some point and a compact camera is important for those nights out.