Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bachelorette Night Notes!

Saturday night marked the much anticipated bachelorette party portion of my wedding events!  Words can't describe how fun the night was, but the Night Notes can! Please enjoy the game of  "Pin the Junk on the Hunk" Night Note style with photo's. 

Kristen:  Are you picking penis's?
Erika: Mr. Inchly Wormster
Julie: Look! Jen has a firecrotch.

Vic: I greased my penis.

Jules: It looks really hard now! (no pun intended)
Vicki: Thats the penis story.

Cheryl: Is it on?
Jen: It's on. You're crossing swords.

Next up?  The party leaves home for downtown Annapolis and here's here's a preview.

Kristen:  Heeeey Norrrrm!!! We're ready to go on the boat now Norrrrrrm.

(For the record, we did not have any boat excursions booked for the evening, and we don't know any "Norm's"...)


The Leigh said...

Heart break that I missed this ahahaha! Classic!!

Renee said...

I have never heard of that game, but it looks like the most fun ever! Glad you had an awesome bachelorette party!

Cathy said...

Pin the junk on the Hunk! I love a good bachelorette party. Yours looks like it was a blast!