Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bride on a Boat, I'm on a BOAT!!!!

After our pun filled round of "Pin the Junk on the Hunk," my girls and I headed to one of my favorite Annapolis bars. Level.  Cucumber Collins, (best drink ever!) music, dancing, my girls and of course the Night Notes continued.  There were free shots and drinks a plenty, but my amazing sister and maid of honor was blast who not only danced, made new friends and entertained all, also kept me hydrated and hangover free the next day. 

Speaking of new friends, we met a great group who's ring leader was Norm.  One of his lady friends bought me a drink because they were doing a scavenger hunt...or something.  For some reason they liked us a lot and when they asked if we would like to go on their boat with them, I said, "Yes. I would very much like to go on your boat!"

Let's have a look at the Nights Notes with Photo's to see how the night unfolded shall we?

All: Don't stop till you get it up!

Julie: Who?!?!
Kristen: The original shotter.


Cheryl: I don't know. I couldn't look at them because they were looking at me.
Cheryl: Bride on a Boat!
Kristen: Heeeeeeey Norrrrm.... We're ready to go on the boat now Norrrrrmmmmm!!
Katie: We don't have flippy floppies, we have coaty woaties!

This is actually Kristen calling Norm.  We're no fools. We obviously had security take us to the boat. 

So there we all are on a boat.

"It's a quarter after one and I neeeeed you nowwwww!!!!!"

It was definitely a dance party. I have no idea why that one girl is wearing a murderer mask, but she seemed nice and like I said, we brought along security!

See? Security even has a black eye! That's how you know he's bad ass!
 It was like 2 degrees outside.  I was in denial. But more importantly, on a boat.

***OMG, forgive the terrible photo formatting. Blogger is NOT being user friendly today and formatting things how it pleases.

Bachelorette Night Notes!

Saturday night marked the much anticipated bachelorette party portion of my wedding events!  Words can't describe how fun the night was, but the Night Notes can! Please enjoy the game of  "Pin the Junk on the Hunk" Night Note style with photo's. 

Kristen:  Are you picking penis's?
Erika: Mr. Inchly Wormster
Julie: Look! Jen has a firecrotch.

Vic: I greased my penis.

Jules: It looks really hard now! (no pun intended)
Vicki: Thats the penis story.

Cheryl: Is it on?
Jen: It's on. You're crossing swords.

Next up?  The party leaves home for downtown Annapolis and here's here's a preview.

Kristen:  Heeeey Norrrrm!!! We're ready to go on the boat now Norrrrrrm.

(For the record, we did not have any boat excursions booked for the evening, and we don't know any "Norm's"...)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wedding Rings and Night Notes

I am one who has never wanted a big wedding, nor the hassles and stresses of planning all the minor details of one.  I don't believe I manifested trouble because I went into my planning stages very light-heartedly, but I had big issues with the only things I did have to plan initially including the venue, dress and shoes.  The most important things!  Well, the time to hesitate is through and my brain suddenly turned into a bride's brain and I'm experiencing what Kristen's mom calls "The Wedding Frenzy."  I've got tons ideas and not a lot of time to make them happen.  But I'm still going to! (That last sentence is a grammar enthusiasts nightmare!)

Nat and I went to pick up our wedding bands on Tuesday.  I was so excited that I suggested we go out to dinner and wear them! (Don't even try to give me some that's bad luck nonsense, because I don't believe in that!)  We had sushi and champagne at our favorite restaurant downtown and then met up with Katie and Newman for drinks. Funny things were said. Obviously.  We like to make fun of each other.

Night Notes at Castle Bay

Newman: P does not love J and N.
Nat: I look really slim in this shirt in the changing mirror in the bathroom.
Katie: You can baby proof!
Julie: I can't even Julie-proof!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spontaneous Trips South and Night Notes

I bet you didn't know I was in Savannah last weekend! You couldn't have because I didn't even know it was going to happen.  Mel, April and I realized there were big changes ahead of us and decided the time to hesitate was through.  It was a long weekend so Mel and I hopped on a plane to Jacksonville to meet April and then drove immediately to Savannah, Georgia.  We enjoyed massages, facials, shopping, Moroccan food, one shameful fried Moon Pie and brunch at Tybee Island before heading back to Jacksonville to attend to some very important business. And by that, I mean, wedding stuff for me.

I will get back to the love story that is Nat and Julie, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures and even a Night Note!


The face of Night Notes on Napkins (But don't I look evil and serene at the same time?! Weird!)

Apey staging the Night Note. 
Speaking of the Night Note at The Distillery.  Here it is. (My current sober notes in blue)

The Difference's Between April and Julie:  Night Notes aren't always random things people say. Sometimes, they're crucial lists that need to be made known. 

April likes Mariah Carrey.
Julie does not.
April likes Tyra Banks. 
Julie does not. 
Julie likes low fat veggie cream cheese.
April does not.
Ape likes Tosh. O. and I don't. But I extra like Joel McHale.  (You have to pick one. You can't have it both ways. One or the other!) 

NOT into samurai. 
DO NOT like the creeper. (Bad James) <---Weeble Wobbler.

Ape- Drunk Designated Walker. 
(Right, because the designated walker was not drunk.) (Apey really wasn't drunk. Clearly, somebody who was drunk made this note and then came back and corrected their error. Somebody probably named Julie.)

Mel: You can light a match around me. 

Mel: I wouldn't stick my face in a vat of mayonnaise. 
Julie: My face. It's dry. 

Good John: I won't try to ruffee you like Bad James. aka "weeble wobler," aka "the creeper, " aka "won't bother you with the hand dryer." (Good John was a guy we met who reminded us in appearance of somebody we call "Bad V#&$." He turned out to be really cool and joined forces in disliking the guy to our other side and coined "Bad James." Both the bartender and Good John saw Bad James standing in front of the urinal asleep, peen out and "weeble wobbling."  When he woke up, he could not figure out how to use the hand dryer, but denied help and decided to stare out it instead. Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious to us and our new friends at the time.)

My girls at Tybee Island. 

The End. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

As promised, How I met Nat

We know I kissed a lot frogs. So many,  I may have been starting to become jaded.  I didn't even tell you about the guy who tried to smoosh in my car, frat boy who lived with parents, the guy I really liked but knew I had to keep at arms length, or the guy who turned out to be married. (Actually, married guy might of tipped me over the edge.) 
Our nights at the meat market known as O'Brien's were becoming tiresome.  There were the same faces every weekend and I'd started making nice with the bouncers, which got awkward when two who were friends started calling me.
My boss took us to a nice lunch one day at Harry Browne's and told me I was wasting my time at those downtown places.  I needed to hang out at a classier place like this one if I wanted to meet a boy worthwhile. I looked around at my surroundings and judged the place as stiff and probably too classy for me.  Not to mention boring. None the less, I told him I would give it a shot. (No pun intended.) That Friday, April and I went to happy hour.
It was a stark contrast from our usual haunt. It was quiet.  A few business men in their 40's chatted with us, but not in a creepy way.  The bartender Patrick was totally chill and we had no idea he would quickly become our friend. 
The business men told us while HB's was great for happy hour, if we wanted to meet some people our own age, come back around 11:30.  We had a good feeling about this, so we went home had dinner and changed into our party clothes. It was only about 9, but we liked our new friends so we headed back to HB's had another drink and chatted with Patrick. 
For some reason, we still felt the need to just see what was going on at O'Brien's.  It was lame.  For the third time that night we headed back into what had in a few hours become our regular spot.  We were greeted by name.  There were young guys in their twenties who were very interested in who we were and eager to buy us beverages.
There was also cute new bartender behind the bar...named Nat.

But more on that later.  This is what we all looked like back in those early days of HB's. ;-)

The first of many Christmas celebrations to come at Harry Browne's.

One crazy night.

He wasn't my lobster yet, but he would be...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

As one dress debacle is solved, another is born...

Before we get carried away with a title like that, let me assure you, the dress is perfect! For the first time, it fits perfectly, and it is everything I hoped it would be.   

After calming down a bit from Saturdays shenanigans, I called the bridal store on Monday and requested the dress be pressed before I arrived and that an overly floppy flower be remedied.  I'm confident the lady thought I was crazy, but I was one mishap away from Bridezilla-town and needed to avoid getting on that bus.  It was worth the probable judgement because when I saw the dress tonight it looked perfect!  I held my breath as I was zipped in. And? Perfection! It looked exactly how I had envisioned it would six months ago when I picked it out.

Have I mentioned I have a weird tall girl complex?  I am tall.  I also enjoy heels.  When I see girls taller than me, I feel a little stressed out.  Almost like I put in a lot of effort to be tall and then failed.  I know that is silly. The original shoes I picked were the most fabulous pair of five inch platforms I ever laid eyes on.  They were beyond perfect for my dress...Aside from the fact that they made the hem hang awkwardly several inches from the ground.  Not cool.

After much thought I decided to keep those shoes for picture purposes and wear hot red two inch heels from when I was in my friend Chrissi's wedding several years ago.  I felt this was clever and would be a sweet gesture since they have been so happy together. Unfortunately, still too high.  Now that the dress was not too big, or too small and I could walk with my hands free, it became apparent the dress was the perfect length for my exact height.

No problem.  I'll just wear comfy slippers. Maybe even a sneaky funny animal pair.

This was a splendid idea for a good two hours.  Then it dawned on me.  I ALWAYS wear heels.  I've been saying I'm 5 '10 for years.  Most of Nat's friends have never even seen me without my beloved stilettos.  They even joked that I slept in my heels and actually had Barbie feet that never lost their shape. And OMG all of my female friends and family are going to be wearing heels leaving me...shorter than them?!?!  Oh, the horror!!!

But in all actuality, I'm ecstatic about the dress.  Even if I will be short in it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Night Notes on Napkins!

I had what was supposed to be my final dress fitting on Saturday.  It did not go well.  My dress, which had started out significantly too large, was taken in too much leaving my chest with a muffin top.  One thing led to another and on the way out I was gazing at a dress I thought maybe I should have instead.

Sensing my trepidation my Dad said to me, "Penny for your thoughts."  This is when the tears threatening to spill over my lids flooded and I burst into sobs in the bridal shop.  My mom was off making final arrangements for her dress so my Dad was left standing in the middle of yards and yards of white tulle, satin and lace trying to figure out how to console me as I hid my face in his shirt and I assure you sniffed and snotted all over him while dress consultants aplenty pretended not to notice the overly emotional bride to be.  

You know what my Dad said?  "So you might not have the right dress.  You have the right guy don't you?"  Just like that, everything was back in perspective.

I still may have hyperventilated my fears to Kristen a few hours later, but we got together, hashed it out and finished my wedding favors over several bottles of Cold Duck that evening. Cold Duck is like the female equivalent of Miller Lite.  It's a tasty inexpensive sparkling wine that we adore.  Between the talk with my Dad and Kristen, (and poor Newman who happened to call me before I talked to Kristen and got the slightly less hysterical version of my woes and told me I was only panicking because we are getting so close,) I am confident and excited to go get my dress Wednesday night!

Here's what people said Saturday night at Harry Browne's. (I'll include a little commentary. I think people like it.)


Kristen:  We're ducked up. (The result of too much Cold Duck consumption.)

Ian:  You've underestimated my sneakiness.

Ian:  You're like a three headed, six-eyed monster of trust. (Kristen, Katie and me trying to stare down and influence Ian.)

Katie:  Gravity happens. (Ian fell. On purpose. Probably.) 

Julie:  What happened?
Kristen:  I laughed a little too hard. (Spilled beverage on Kristen's knee)

Ian:  Julie?  The one with the crazy finger? (Apparently, my fingers are extra bendy in some places. Apparently)

Eric:  What the f@%$! That's some Blair Witch $#@t!! (Again, in regard to my fingers. I'm starting to get a complex here!)

Julie:  I wonder if she feels threatened?
Katie:  Well now she has the smelly girl and the #*$ girl.   (Katie and me gossiping "Mean Girl" style  in regard to insecure women who are easily intimidated. By us. ) 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Late Night Haiku Monday

I was back at Sephora again on Sunday. Our relationship is getting serious.  In one word, my visit was extensive.  I told my color specialist there was no need to commit to any brand.  Here's a Haiku to name only a few who came home with me.

Smashbox and Stila
Too Faced, Mars, Urban Decay,
Sephora, it's love.

I was told this product would change my life.  Will report back later, but so far so good.

And tomorrow, we've got Night Notes AND the tale of my meltdown at my final dress fitting.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Morning at Grandmere's

I woke in a dark room this morning on an air mattress under a luxuriously warm *faux fur blanket.  The familiar sound of a spoon tinkling against a delicate correlle tea cup was heard. I suspected the precise smell associated with this gentle noise was Earl Grey. Slightly orange-y with just a touch of cream and sugar.

I was at Grandmere's house.  Twenty-some years have past since I have grown accustomed to waking to this sound first thing in the morning and it's comforting that some things never change.  I reveled in my cozy blanket for twenty minutes before joining her in the kitchen.

"Did you look outside?" she asked.

A light dusting of snow covered her neighborhood.  Her new kitty Quill sat perched on an end table intently eyeing the squirrels stealing treats from the bird feeder outside. The ground looked hard and frozen.  As for the three of us? We were warm and happy inside.

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*And by "faux," I probably mean real.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

This Outfit, Better in Theory...

One of the worst things in life is having an uncomfortable outfit day.  (Seriously, in life!)

I composed this assemble a few weeks ago in my head but had yet to orchestrate it in real life until today. Checking myself out in the mirror this morning, I knew I looked good.  Right?

And a closer look...

Unfortunately, only so long as I stood still.  What I failed to factor in was the lace skirt trim to textured tight relationship.  It is basically the equivalent of velcro.  Moving at all resulted in this look:

I really didn't have time to produce a new outfit so I pulled and tugged on my creeping skirt all day long. On the bright side, this will still work as a fall or spring outfit sans tights. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

No anti-climax this year...

The turkey is consumed, the trees away and the ball as dropped.  Normally, this time of year I am left feeling depressed that it is all over.  The short days of winter will drag on and spring won't come soon enough.

You know what that feeling has been replaced with this year?  OMG, I am getting married. Next month.  That's right. Not only this year, but next month!

My official invites went out on Thursday and the next day people were telling me they received them!  As much as I feel I have left to do, I don't feel a sense of panic, but a sense of excitement!  (And not just about getting to wear the dress.) 

Nat said to me yesterday out of the blue, "We're getting married this year." And it was the sweetest, most sincere moment.

My soon to be mother-in-law invited me over for some good-luck black eyed peas to start the new year right.  It's a tradition my Mom always follows too.  I really do feel like I am entering this year with a clean slate.  My month of unemployment, which started out like this.

Ooops.  Julie + Lot's of Vodka = This
ended like this.  (Me back in touch with my creative and productive side.) 
Custom made snuggie for sista!
I had really wanted to accomplish more in my time off, but I honestly thought I would be out of work for longer.   I was really getting into the swing of things when a wonderful opportunity presented itself.

So here we are, with a new year, job, wardrobe, coffee addiction, motivation and soon to be husband upon us.  What is left to say?

I finally took a picture on my new camera!  Last nights crock pot dinner! Karma is in check all around. Let's do this thing 2011!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Camera Karma II

You may remember this brief post from slightly over a year ago.  Well, it's happening again. As much as I love my Canon camera, it is BIG and cumbersome and not for random nights out. I needed something tiny and cool.  If I have learned anything from the ever influential Ashton Kutcher it's that the Nikon CoolPix camera is what I needed in my possession.  For Christmas this year, that's just what I got!

The only problem is, I'm afraid to take that first shot.  My sister was all, "Oh, you're doing that again?  Just take a picture!" And risk ruining my camera karma?!?!  Unheard of! I scoffed and and told her everybody knows about camera karma and you have to be very careful with that first shot.  She's actually a very good photographer so maybe I'm being slightly superstitious, but I don't what to take any chances.  So until further notice, here is me with my camera.