Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What was I thinking?

Can we just post a great big disclaimer on this one?  Just disclaimers all around. I don't even know.

Once upon a time, my girls and I found a classy bar.  We liked it a lot.  On our first excursion, I met Vinnie.  He was...nice. But this place had promise.  Looking back, it has occurred to me that we seemed to go to only one location until we wore it out and then we moved on.  We had been frequenting the last bar for a solid year or so and there were no new faces so it was time to move on.  I had a feeling I wanted to be careful with who I agreed to go out with at this place since everyone knew everyone and they all accepted us straight away. (Think Cheers.)  So I kindly told Vinnie that I did not care to go out with him but I was sure I would see him again.  Which I did over the next few months.  He would ask me out every weekend and every weekend I would respectfully say no.  It's not that he wasn't a nice enough fellow, perhaps just too aggressive?  I like a challenge.

One night, when all my girls were unavailable, my roommate, his girlfriend and I headed to said bar.  They lost interest after about an hour or so, but since I'd made friends with so many of the regulars there, I decided to stay.  At the end of the night, I further decided to go to an "after party" with Vinnie. Aside from a lot of shots, I'm not sure what had gotten into me.  I mixed and mingled until it was definitely time to go.  Not playing close attention to what was going on, I was suddenly in a cab with Vinnie and he was suggesting we go back to my place.  "No! We can't go back to my place!" I told him my roommates would judge me, but really I was finding I just wasn't that into him.  I thought we were in the clear when he said he was "temporarily" living with his parents but then he suggested we go to a hotel.  I was trying to work this out in my drunken head and rationalized I would just go to sleep when we got there.

Luckily, at 3 a.m. the hotel would not check us in.  That didn't stop us from chatting up a teenaged/young twenties athletic team who were hanging out in the lobby area.  I immediately broke into a british accent and told them I was a gymnast and had traveled here to train for the next olympics. Yeah, I don't even know, but they believed me and they loved it.  Vinnie was looking at me in disbelief as I started discussing my love for the uneven bars and hatred of the balance beam.  In my drunken british accent mind you.

I guess he was amused by my antics because 5 minutes, an elevator ride and a dark hotel hallway later he was kissing me and I was considering this prospect.  The night had been fun, and he did have nice muscles.  (Not as big at TJ's, but nice.) Suddenly, I snapped out of the fun moment grabbed his hand and said I was starving.  We had coffee and such at a diner and chatted until it was almost bright outside.

My roommate definitely called me out of my late night shenanigans, but I think I told him he was crazy and just didn't remember me coming in earlier than I did because HE was drunk. Oops.

Lesson Learned:  Go with your instinct. If it's not there, it's never going to be there.

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Stephanie Faris said...

"Temporarily" living with his parents? I think he would have lost me on that one!