Thursday, December 9, 2010

Night Note!

I have plenty more dating stories, but I'm at a crossroads on where to end.  A few of my close friends would like me to post the story of "Seattle S," but as I previously mentioned, (possibly only in my head though) I didn't want to write about anyone too serious or about heartbreak. But we will see.  Until I decide, please enjoy Saturday Nights Night Note.

11/4/10 My House and Harry Browne's

Jason: Two Chips and a Dorito
Cindy: I Looove Jack Johnson.
Nat: If you can do that with arugula...
(These are actually written on my wall downstairs.)

Jud: Wedding juices were flowing.
Jud: Develop the resentment.
Jud: I love their love. I have to pack my car now.
Julie:  Where are Jud and Kristen? They're loving Jack Johnson.
Spencer: You live in Bernie's house?!
Jason: I love Harry Browne's


Sir Thomas said...


really I didnt kow there was

Poetry Is Life said...

what is unfair?

Marlene said...

Awww...was looking forward to today's entry.