Sunday, December 19, 2010

Invites, Name Changes, and Googling Myself

We are FAST approaching my pending nuptials.  (For anyone keeping record, we are one month closer to the big white dress day and all systems are go! The closer we get, the least knocked-up I can possibly be, and the more likely my dress will still look awesome.) My parents came up today and we addressed official invites.  O.M.G. It was just as stressful as I thought it would be but my Mom kept me calm.  I'm not sure if I should wait until after Christmas and New Years to mail them. Will people lose them in the holiday chaos?

I do not like the term "B List."  Unfortunately, we have a "B-List." It's just the way it is when you decide to have a small wedding, secure a location that only holds 50 people, and then realize your family is not as small as you thought.  I hate to think of our friends getting an invite only a month before the wedding and them thinking we think they are "low budget" or would prefer for them to be "less publicized." And how do you pick who comes off the B-List first?  Who we both know the most as a couple? At random from a hat?  Who we have known the longest? Alphabetical? Send them all a "Test About Us" now and invite the highest scores?

For anyone planning a wedding I have only one piece of advice for you.  Do not think that planning a 50 person wedding is ANY easier than planning one for 250 people.  Do not think that planning ANY wedding is easier than ANYTHING IN LIFE.

How do you determine your married name?  This has been stressing me out for my whole life. I like my last name. It is very... me.  Although, it would be very fun and cute to be "Mrs. S." But then there is all that paper work that you have to do to change it all around. So maybe I'll legally just stay the same but recreationally answer to Julie S.  If I become a successful writer soon, I'm going to have to make a choice.  On that note, I googled myself. And something terrible happened. I was halfway through typing my name, and THIS is what popped up:

Are you kidding me?  Who is Julie Moult?  I don't want to be confused with her.  People think she is an idiot! They do not like her.  If I keep my current name, people might think I'm that idiot and just added a few more letters to my name.  So, I might have to change it for that fact.

*Sidenote* I really am loving the wedding planning process...  Sort of.


Stephanie Faris said...

I like my maiden name too. I write under it. In the rest of my life, I use my married name, so it works out well for me. It allows me to maintain my anonymity (not that I'm in any way famous!). It's a tough decision, but when you have kids it definitely makes things easier to have the same last name for the family, especially with school-related stuff.

Anonymous said...

my last name is a curse to anyone I marry..oh wait I have been married 33 years and it's still a curse :-)

PS: my mother-in-law refused to learn how to spell my last name..she just keep it written on a piece of paper in her purse

PSS: lean over closer and I'll spell it for you now that you are really curious...haha

Sarah RDH said...

I HATED my maiden name. Hated it. I dreamed of the day I got married JUST to change my name. A good last name was everything to me. lol

And I also HATED planning my wedding. Honestly, I wish I ha dnot had one, and just went awya somewhere, just us, got married ona beach or a hillside somewhere (hillside or moutaintop is probably more my hippie style) and been DONE with it. Though I DID love my dress. I would've still bought the dress. And my veil. lol

LadyCat said...

First of all, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! This is my first time to your blog. I was married a year ago in September. I took my husband's last name, since it was my second marriage. There was a BUNCH of paper be prepared for that. Have fun with all of your planning and I will keep checking back to see your plans progress : )

Zuzana said...

Congratulations, I bet you have so many things to sort out, least of all the last name.;)
I have never been married and time is truly running out for me, but if i ever get married, I will most likely keep my surname as I am published scientist.;)

Kristen said...

HA HA HA HA HA. That is hilarious. "Julie Moult is an idiot." so funny. I think your decision has been made.

Anonymous said...

Well one this is for sure is that you will definitely will say that planning this wedding will be worth it in the end! Your day will be beautiful and perfect, just wait. :)

asj said...

One month! So close... I'm with oyu about this "sort-of" enjoying wedding planning... I wanted a small wedding with less than 100 (80-90 would have been perfect) - we're having 120 at our wedding. OY. My advice, be stingy with your B list - you're one step ahead of me, we just invited everyone at once. Who would you be seriously disappointed if they weren't there? And not just this year, 10, 15, 20 years from now - people who you seriously think will still be in your life.

Oh, and I changed my maiden name to my middle name and took my husbands last name, it was crazy at first but now, I wouldn't have it any other way. We're a family - and I know the name doesnt make/break that, but its nice that we have that too.

Worlds longest comment, OVER. ;)

Jeremy said...

It's ok, I've been there...believe it or not we actually had to leave people off our list too and you saw our wedding...eesh.

If it makes you feel better I won't be even the slightest bit jaded, and MAY even still send you a present ;)